Wednesday, November 30, 2005

To make your life a little easier.....(a household tip from Zoey)

Quite some time ago I discovered this little household helper. I have been keeping it to myself for years; but now, dear blog readers, I have decided to share it with you.

Do you all recognize this?

It's a binder clip. It is used in offices to hold thick stacks of paper together. Binder clips come in many different sizes, but this is the size I like best to use as..............................................

I know you are all holding your breath for the big reveal

So here it is.............................................

A potato chip bag clip

These work so much better than the big plastic things you buy for the same purpose. You know, the ones that break so easily. I have never broken one of these.

Of course, I use them to hold all sorts of other food bags together...cheese is a favorite. Even though the shredded cheese has those little self closures, I find it takes numerous attempts to get the thing shut, so I just fold it over and use a smaller binder clip.

These are quite inexpensive. I think I paid something like $4 for a box of 12 of the large ones.

So now I bet you will all tell me that you have been using these for years,too. My one claim to inventor's fame will be shattered. :)

DH just walked in and stood over my shoulder. "You're putting that on your blog?" He shook his head and walked out muttering, "It must be a slow day for blog material."

LOL - I am always amazed at just how smart that man is.


  1. Funny you should mention binder/alligator clips as I just utilized them when I changed my summer clothes to my winter clothes. If you have seen 'Space Bags'-that's what I bought myself last year. I see Hefty is trying to copy them. Anyway, the 'zip lock' part wasn't staying closed, so the air was getting back in the bags. I found some of the clips and hopefully the Space Bags will stay closed all the way.

  2. Another great idea, Dianne. These are just little household marvels!

  3. I use clothes pegs (you might call then clothes pins). My freezer is full of them, and they don't rust like these. :)

  4. I used to use clothes pegs, like Chloe, but now I mostly use rubber bands - ones that are about 1cm wide - just fold over or roll down the excess packaging and then place the band once or twice around the whole package. (Not good for potato crisps etc. unless you want crumbs.) I use them on frozen vegetables, dried fruit, etc.

  5. I use binder clips for food bags. Mine are free because they tend to migrate from the office. :)

    I've used paperclips to hold back my hair in a pinch.

  6. It is such fun to hear all of your ideas.
    Chloe, I have never had these rust and I do use them in the freezer. Close pins (pegs) are another great idea.
    Kasmira, you are one resourceful lady! By the way, I love your profile picture.
    Alice, I have also used rubber bands on occasion for frozen veggies.

  7. I'm the same as Chloe - I use clothes pegs. They are the one item that doesn't migrate (mysteriously) into the kids bedrooms to be used for goodness knows what and will still be where I left them a week from
    PS Your DH sounds like mine - always amazed at what I put on my blog...vbg.

  8. I use them to slip my recipe card right near the bottom of my kitchen curtains, that way I can just glance at it while I measure things and the cards is out of the way. They seemed to migrate from my office too on their own accord.

  9. TELL ME, TELL ME, TELL ME .... what does VBG mean? Lots of bloggers use it, but I don't know what it means. I see Calidore used it in her comment; perhaps I need to ask her.

  10. Alice, I think it means "very big grin"...although I am not positive. Maybe Calidore will come back and let us know.


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