Saturday, November 26, 2005

Visitors From the North Pole?

I have little elves all over. I wonder if they are watching to see if I am being good?

I am DONE, DONE, DONE decorating!! It feels so good. (I am sure I will be doing a bit of daily tweaking as I can never leave anything alone.)

I have a dozen or so of these elves that I made a few years ago. I used them in the dining room trees and in the archway greenery. I have used a lot of red, which I almost never I remember clashes terribly with my furniture. Oh, well, it's the holiday season, so that's OK. I also made all of the felt ornaments on these trees (many, many, many years 25 years).

I finished setting the dining room table, too. I removed the table runner I made yesterday and put it on the kitchen eating counter.

My dining room is between all the trees, so when we eat dinner each night, we are in a Christmas wonderland with lights on all sides of us. During December we will eat at the dining room table almost every night ...even if dinner is just a bologna sandwich we shall be nibbling it amongst the Christmas china and silver just to enjoy the holiday ambiance that I have worked my butt off to create!

This little tree on top of the china cabinet has green lights.

Here is a view of all the trees to give you an idea of the room layout. (well, actually, there is one more little tree on a second china cabinet that is not in view)

And here it is all lit up a few minutes ago


  1. How lovely and unique! I think you missed your calling. They would love you at Longwood Gardens too!
    I like the little touch of green lights on the cabinet in the dining room. And the elves are so cute. I didn't look closely, but you could of course embellish them having one hold a wrapped gift, another with little hammer or wooden toy.
    Thanks for sharing!
    And Happy Birthday next week!

  2. I just love it all! Thank you for sharing a part of you Christmas. You are very talented!

  3. Thanks, Dianne and Peggy.
    Dianne, in past years I have had the elves laying on miniature sofas and reading books, holding gifts, etc. This year, though, they hold nothing because I was too tired to stage them.

  4. Ohhh your house looks wonderful. You must be so proud of it. I can only dream of having that many decorations and the time to put them all up. Well done.

  5. PS got to ask, did you make all those elves? They are just georgeous.

  6. zoey, you have out done yourself this year. hope you turn them all on when i come over.

  7. Thanks, Calidore. Yes, I made them all. This is a homemade Christmas as I think I have made almost everything on all the trees!

  8. Wow it looks great. I am now thinking to myself that I need to start getting my ornaments located and sorted out.


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