Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cute Snowman Centerpiece

I was surfing technorati for "Christmas" just to see if I could find any interesting blogs. So far, not, but I did find this commercial site which has a cute idea for a snowman cookie jar centerpiece.

I thought it was different and I have a cookie jar very similar. Hmmmmm....might have to treck down to the basement storage shelves and rummage around for that cookie jar....just look at those pine branches for the cute!


  1. Very cute Christmas tree is covered with only snowmen. It is a fun tree to have, because every year I can add to it....

  2. Hi Judy,
    Welcome. I hope you post a picture of your snowman tree on your blog. Theme trees are such fun.

  3. What an adorable snowman! That is so cute...what a great idea. I am enjoying visiting your blog...just came over from Calidore's blog.


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