Thursday, November 17, 2005

It has finally happened.....

A 6:00 a.m. surprise

It does look lovely this morning.


  1. Delighted to see snow's pictures!
    Well donne!

  2. Pretty icing on your lawn and trees. Don't you love the first snow of the season?

  3. The first snow is always special. Your garden looks wonderful!

  4. I shall look at this photo during the coming months whenever it's too hot here - although I'm not sure whether I'll be envious or thankful.

  5. I grew up in zone 9 but have lived here in Ky for about 17 years. I still love the snow. I love to shovel it, walk in it and I even like driving in it. Sometimes I will be the only one out on the road.

  6. Ohhh snow - wish I was there - absolutely stinking hot here. Maybe I should print out your photos and put them on the fridge. The would be something nice and cool to look at when I am getting another cold drink. Thanks for posting them.


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