Sunday, November 27, 2005

I Love Sundays

I stayed home all day today. I moved all the furniture in the family room and living room (I have a summer arrangement and a winter arrangement). I like to change it seasonally so that different pieces get the brunt of the sunlight to help with even fading.

I also worked for about an hour and a half on my denim quilt while watching taped episodes of Alex Anderson's quilting show on HGTV. My eyes were getting heavy and I was getting cold, so I removed the quilting hoop, layed on the sofa, pulled it over me and promptly fell asleep for at least an hour. That quilt is so heavy; perfect for cold days when the heat is set at 66 degrees.

I just made two pans of lasagna and a meatloaf which are waiting to go into the oven. We will have the lasagna tonight, I will freeze one of the pans, and the meatloaf will be ready for tomorrow. I always cook a few extra meals on Sunday so I don't have to bother with cooking when I get home from work.

Yesterday I did a lot of Christmas shopping. I was at the JC Penney counter at 10am with my arms overflowering with purchases. They had a sale and I could have saved $30 on my purchases, BUT.......the darn sale did not start until 4:00 p.m. ARRRGGGGGGG...I should have read the flyer more closely. I decided that $30 was worth a return trip, so I decided not to buy the items until 4 p.m. They said they could hold some of the items, but not anything that was on clearance. I had quite a few items for myself that were clearance priced. Really I don't see what the difference is...why couldn't they just sell me everything and give me the discount at 10 a.m.?
By the time I went back at 4 p.m. I decided against all the clothes for myself, so in the end, they lost over a $100 in sales. I feel good about that (so does my checkbook).

This morning I wrapped all the gifts (everything in the same paper because I don't like a big mismash of wrapping paper under the tree).

I changed my profile pic again today. I am wearing gold earrings and a necklace that DH got me for Christmas a few years ago which makes it a seasonally-appropriate pic...LOL.


  1. You and your jewellery are a lovely match.

  2. 66 degrees! Wow, you like your house cold! We have ours at 70 during the day and at 2:00 in the afternoon it goes to 72. Then at around 4 we light a fire and it heats up to around 74. I am a major wimp with cold feet. LOL.

  3. You have been a busy girl. However I too like to make extras meals and freeze them, in fact I often do them after I buy groceries. Where's a picture of your denim quilt, I am going to make one for my guy to take in his truck and would like to see yours.


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