Sunday, November 6, 2005

Where does the weekend go?

I have had a busy weekend working on Christmas decorations. Remember all those styrofoam balls I was going to toss out, but saved...just in case? Well, I thought of something to do with them. I tore up wrapping paper

and used decoupage glue to adhere the paper to the balls. They are still wet here which is why they have a milky color. I will put a few more coats of glue on and will show them to you when (if?) I decide to use them.

I worked a bit on the big wreath for work. I am just not really into doing is huge and I just can't seem to get enthused with it.

Last night my refrigerator decided to die. Ever had pepermint stick ice cream turn to liquid and fill your freezer? Let me tell you, when you open your freezer and see pink sticky liquid all over, it is not a pretty sight. Water was running out on the floor, too. I wasn't surprised as the refrigerator is old. It served me well during its long life. Today we went out and bought a new one which will be delivered tomorrow.

This afternoon I threw away all those plants I brought inside last month. I don't know what ever possesed me to bring them in. I know I can't stand the mess of dead leaves falling all over and water drips, etc. I was just going to water them today and then I thought I would take each one outside and shake off the dead stuff. When I went to take them down, I noticed water on the top of my china cabinet. I must have overfilled a few of them. I decided then and there that I had had enough of caring for them. What a mess I made hauling them outside....dead stuff all through the house...had to vacuum every room again. I also tossed a catcus I have had for about six years. I never did like it, but it was a gift from one of my customers so I felt I had to keep it. Six years is long's gone now,too.

We went to a birthday party/dinner for my 11-year old niece today. When we got home I had to clean up the mess in the kitchen (from the crafting)so it would look decent when the delivery guys bring the refrigerator.

Now I am going to spend an hour or on the computer and then its off to bed.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get our first snow. Probably only flurries.

Hope all of you had an enjoyable weekend.


  1. Please, please please if you get snow, post a photo. It poured with rain here this morning and this afternoon the sun is shining and guess how hot and muggy it is. Snow pictures would cool us down here in sunny Australia.

  2. I bet you will notice your electricity consumption go down with the new fridge.

  3. Bummer about your frig...don't send vibes here as mine is now 19 years old. My 45 yr old oven is still kicking too!
    Hey, your pretty ornies would look great on a Victorian tree. It must nice to have a big counter to craft on.
    I did bring plants in myself. A few of them are in shock. I have a black plastic bag under the lot. Guess I better check 'under' the bag for water. The cat likes to chew on the plants too.

  4. You wouldn't be rubbing it in now, would you, Calidore? LOL
    Kathy, they do say it uses less electricity.
    Dianne, Mine was 18 years old. My stove is 27....I may have a long time to go on the stove if it lives as long as yours. Yes, I love my long double counter. One thing I do have is tons of counter space. The tree I am planning for these is somewhat Victorian.

  5. I love the ornaments, I might try those myself.

  6. Crazygramma, they are fun and EASY. Make sure you wear gloves to smear all the glue around. Oh, also, make sure to insert a hook at the top before you start. I just used those wire ornament hangers. The glue will hold them in. Have fun!

  7. Did it snow? It is getting pretty cold here too. Lots of snow at the local ski resort. I hope it holds off down here for a little longer. I really want to finish raking the leaves at work.

  8. I meant to tell you how much I like your drying contraption too. Very smart of you! I'll have to rip off Sean's card holder if I have a similar project. ; )

  9. Lol, Dianne. It is the first use I have found for that picture holder!


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