Tuesday, November 29, 2005

For crazygramma

Crazygramma asked for a picture of my denim quilt. If I had not been so lazy when I mentioned it in the earlier post, I would have linked to the pic in the archives.

I started it last winter and posted quite a bit about it (in the Feb/Mar archives, I think). I only quilt during the winter months, so it has been patiently sitting in a corner of the family room waiting for me to get the urge to pick up the needle.

Since crazygramma asked so very nicely, I searched my picture files and found one:

I am hand quilting this which is a bit insane.

Denim is way too difficult to hand quilt.

Crazygramma, good luck on the one you are going to make for your DH. My only bit of advice -- save your fingers and sanity -- tie it or machine quilt.


  1. Lovely! Thanks to Crazygramma!

  2. Ohh lovely. Know what you mean about hand quilting though. I didn't do it on a denium quilt - just normal cotton - but it took me six years to finish - groan. Still it looks nice now on Jame's bed.

  3. I'm impressed that you are quilting it by hand...I always tie my denim quilts..because they are so darn think


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