Thursday, November 10, 2005

Don't throw away those burned out lightbulbs!

I am not missing gardening at all. After over four months of complete dedication, I am enjoying not having to do any garden work. Now that it is cold and nasty outside, I don't even have to consider clean-up chores. Whatever is not done (and there is a lot) will now wait until spring when I will be eager to get back outside.

I have been plenty busy with work and making Christmas decorations.

See this box of burned out lightbulbs?

Yes, they are burned out lightbulbs. Most (sane) people would throw them in the garbage...but NOT me. I have saved these to put on my Christmas tree. Your thinking the woman is nuts, aren't you?

Well, you may be correct. :)

Can anyone think of what might be made from these lightbulbs? Take a guess and I will show you tomorrow what I made from them.


  1. First thing that came to mind was snowmen, but I'm sure there's several other things that a very creative lady like yourself could make. I think you probably put more effort into decorating your trees over there than we do here. After all, you are inside with your tree all day whereas we stay inside as little as possible during Christmas since it's our summer. We mostly decorate the tree with lights and tinsel, not lots of ornaments.

  2. I'm waiting with bated breath...


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