Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hydrangea Tree

My sister and I had a nice weekend away and are now back to the old grind.

I have begun decorating the Christmas trees at work. Today I did this hydrangea tree (referred to as the "fru-fru" tree by my boss. He only likes trees that "look like Christmas").

I used to be able to do 4 of them in one day, but today I was lucky to get this one done.

I am either getting too old for this or just plain tired of doing these trees.

I am off now to get my nails done.
(Decorating trees is hard on the manicure!)


  1. Wow zoey. The tree is really beautiful.

  2. You really think so? I was not really happy with this tree. It is lacking in something--needs more glitz and shine--maybe?. But thank you.

  3. I really like it too, and I think it has a natural look to it and the colors are gorgeous. It's perfect and they would love you (and I said this before) at the Brandywine River Museum!

  4. Hey I like it. If you boss isn't happy with it, tell him to decorate them himself next year. I bet he has a sudden liking/loving of your trees. Worst comes to worst - send it my way...lol.

  5. Thanks, Dianne.
    Calidore, I keep telling him that he obviously does not NOT LIKE it enough to find someone else to do the trees..LOL...I think it has just become a tradition that he make negative comments on any tree that is not done in red and glass balls...

  6. I love this tree. Good job Zoey!

  7. Zoey - I think your decorations look fantastic. Are the trees real or artificial? It looks so much denser than the pine branches usually used for trees here. You could never get that much decorate on those. Actually, with it being this far out from Christmas, I guess they must be artificial. Great job, Zoey - though how you ever managed to do four in a day, I don't know.

  8. Thanks, Sandy & Alice.
    Yes, they are all fake.
    My #1 tip for fake trees is to fill them to the brim! I make sure to use large items and ribbon up through the branches for filler. You have to hide all the holes so you can't see inside.


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