Monday, November 1, 2010

Waiting for the Window Man

We are waiting for the window man to come and replace this top window. You can't see it here, but there are fingerprints between the two windows!
The little square to the right has about 5 fingerprints between the two windows--the person making the window must not have been wearing those little white gloves like they are supposed to wear!

It takes the guy less than 5 minutes to remove that window and put in a replacement.  We know because this is the second window he has had to replace.  We are very happy with the prompt service from this company.  Don't you love when a company really does stand behind their product?

Did you notice my new lamp down there in the corner?

The second lamp goes on that end table in back of the sofa. We had to move it so the window man could get to the window.  I am pretty pleased with those retro-looking lamps.  As you can see, I have not yet purchased a red sofa-the ones I have are like new, so it may be a while before I make the big change in this room.  I need to do the family room first.

I need to find my old picture files that I put on a CD when I changed computers.  I had a lot of headers made up and I really want to change the one I have up there now.  I really hate when I take pictures off my computer and put them on a CD--they are so inconvenient on CD's----much, much easier to keep them on your computer--don't you all agree?

Last night we had only 5 trick-or-treaters--all from one family.  Now I am left with nearly full bags of  Hershey candy bars and Reese's peanut butter cups--just what I need! LOL.


  1. Zoey, we have had a lot of windows breaking each year from losing the gas in between the panes of glass. We are talking windows seven years old, happening from the first year.

    I have a ton of candy left also we over bought. I am trying to hide it from myself and my husband.


  2. Oh, no! What brand of windows did you buy? I really don't want to deal with replacements for 7 years!

  3. Well that is strange-I always say 'boo boos' like that were made probably when the work day was almost over and they were rushing-glad you got it fixed quickly.
    I so wanted to know someone else with a red sofa. And think how nice it will look with your retro lamps-think Craigs list for the old sofas!

  4. We had one window replaced 2 times as well when we built our house. And each one had a crack at the same place.
    I'm loving your paint color in the room Zoey and the lamps are just right for your room.
    We had 251 kids(of all sizes:) come to our door on Halloween and I didn't run out of treats! We have to have treats too..don't we??


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