Friday, November 19, 2010

Not much Happening around Here

I have been thinking about the table I will set for my Thanksgiving dinner. I am pretty sure it will be this Vintage china. The dinner plate is a pattern called 'Windsor Fruit'.  from Johnson Brothers England. Of all the dinnerware I own, I think 'Windsor Fruit' is my favorite.
The vegetable bowl behind the dinner plate is a different pattern from Vernon Kilns. It is called 'May Flower'. I think the two work beautifully together. They are from the 1940's - 1950's.

Here is a close up of the 'Windsor Fruit' plate.
The pic is from I went there to find out when the china was made. Whoa, was I impressed when I saw the price of this dinner plate! Let's just say I made a very good purchase about 20 years ago when I bought this nearly complete service-for-eight set.

I am not even cooking on Thanksgiving Day. We are going to my MIL's for dinner. We already have a turkey, so I plan to cook it on the Saturday following. I will do the whole turkey day shebang all over again. The best part will be having leftovers for a big turkey/dressing/fresh cranberry sauce sandwich the next day.

I am not even cooking anything to take to  my MIL's.  I found this 14-slice variety pack of cheesecake and that is my contribution--every piece is a different flavor. Can you imagine making 14 different cheesecakes and assembling this?
You have to love those huge food distribution stores--in this case, Gordon Food Service.

Other than working and getting my hair cut, I have not accomplished much this week. 

I did start a new banner for Christmas. It will be a 'Ho Ho Ho' banner, but so far I have only completed two H's.  It took a bit less than 10 minutes before work one morning. 
I guess I am just not in the mood to sew this week.

I have also been ordering library books. The Country Decorating one I had last week was a Dud--other than the sunflower tree, there was not a thing I was interested in. I already have a pic of that tree in my files. I got it off the net a few years ago--more proof that the net is the place for ideas!

 Now I have three novels to read.

 I had better get started--a couple of these are pretty thick!

So that was  my week--not too exciting--I hope yours was better!


  1. Zoey..looks like you have your next week or so cut out for you..reading. What a nice relaxing thing to do..I love to read.
    My week was good..I organized and cleaned 'up and out' a lot of stuff. The stuff is sitting on shelves in the garage waiting for a garage sale in spring. I am not finished..there is more to clean up!

  2. Zoey, my second set of dishes after I was married was Johnson Brothers "Sheraton," long gone but I think I have a few stray pieces in the basement. They have really gone up in price when I see them in the antique shops.

    Your table setting looks lovely.


  3. Love the vintage plates. Will have to check out that website you mentioned, they might have some of my mother's Christmas dishes there. Have a good weekend - it's good weather for snuggling under a quilt and reading a good book.

  4. Beautiful dishes, Zoey! I am in awe of tables set so grandly...wish I could say the same, I have mismatched plates and silverware. (Organization and planning are not my strong suits.) I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  5. Those are lovely dishes!
    I love the cheesecakes like that. We've had one or two in the past from BJs wholesale.
    I got an e-reader for my birthday and it's loaded with 100 books already, many classics I haven't read. I will have to play with it more.

  6. Some serious china-envy going on over here! LOVE your setting! You bring such beauty to your home and to us! Can't wait to see your HOHO banner - c'mon Zoey, get busy! (did you plant garlic)


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