Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Resisted as Long as I Could (over a week)

Last week I received an email with a spend $200/get $75.00 off and free shipping offer. Many of you know I live for offers like this! :)  Since my clothing space is all filled, I decided I did not need any more clothing even with a deal like that.

This morning I decided to take another look and found all kinds of new jewelry items were added since last week. Every time I wear a certain blue jacket, I remind myself that I need a blue necklace.  I think this sterling silver one will be perfect!  With the price of silver skyrocketing, this was a steal at something like $30.

Just in case that shade of blue is not quite right, I picked up a couple more

Hammered metal discs--I have had my eye on the hammered metal necklaces since last spring--they were in the $100 range and I was not about to pay that for costume jewelry! They finally were marked down to more than 50% off - again in the $30 -$35 range, if I remember correctly--
at that price I could afford two!

I spent an hour filling my shopping cart with 8 items -only two pieces of clothing.
My birthday is less than two weeks away--Happy Birthday to me! I will let my dear husband know that his gift shopping is complete. :)


  1. VERY nice choices! You have a good eye! Have a blessed holiday.

  2. Oh, how lovely and Happy Birthday to YOU (in two weeks!)

  3. Zoey, I'm giggling..what a neat way to take that job off your hubby's hands:)
    Wonderful the necklaces. The first one is my fave.
    I would like to say Happy Birthday on your day..will you tell??


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