Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree

I just finished the tree and am taking a short break before starting the turkey.

I decided to use all the gingerbread men I made a few years ago.

This one is made from dough. I also have many made of fabric.  The little brown star behind is made from cinnamon dough. There are also a lot of cookie dough stars that I also made.

I used a lot of green balls in different textures, sizes, and shades of green. Some are glass, some are glitter, and some are mesh.

The light from the window shining through the candy ornament.

Not sure about the Ho  in the center. It may come down.
This is just the first draft. It never stays exactly the same!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I have a ton of work to do, so I had better get started.


  1. beautiful tree...very festive..

  2. Hi Zoey, Iam trimming as I write this! Your tree looks fabulous. I tried to put my bows in my outdoor arrangements, frozen, have to wait.


  3. Zoey, beautiful tree! Love the gingerbread men, how pretty!

  4. I love the kitchen theme of gingerbread men.
    That reminds me..I should bake gingerbread cookies:)

  5. This is adorable and whimsical-and a nice light heartened change for you. I did one similiar appeal a few years back. Nice job.
    I just came back from Lowes (we ordered a very expensive door-about $300 more than we thought) and I bought two sets of LCD candle lights. I guess I'm going Victorian with my Mercury glass, etc.

  6. Your tree is beautiful! Take off the "HO" doesn't do anything for the tree.

  7. Now,this tree is fully loaded!!...with goodies!


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