Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Accomplished a Lot on this 25-Hour Day

Every now and then we need to stay home and spend an entire day working around the humble abode.  Today was one of those days.

I was up early and used my extra hour to read blogs and sew.

 This is what I was sewing.  I started it last week and posted a small blurb on my sewing blog, Perpetually Piecing. I don't know if any of you (other than Patti) ever read it. I don't post much there during gardening season, but in the winter, I post quite regularly.

Anyway, after sewing this morning, I spent about five hours doing rather strenuous necessary cleaning chores, like scrubbing floors on my hand/knees, laundry, vacuuming.......helping DH carry the glass deck table down to the basement...............all sorts of boring jobs.

When all of that was finally done, I got to putz a bit with my sewing project...a FUN project, not another chore!

Here is what those little bits of fabric morphed into:

A banner for Thanksgiving.

Here is a close-up of the bottom:
and the top:

When I first finished it, I had no idea where I would put it. In fact it was so long that I did not even think I had a place where it would fit!  I was quite pleased when I finished this.

I also changed my bed quilt this morning after I washed and made up the bed with those 1200 thread-count sheets. I put my multi-colored log cabin on the bed.

It's a bit heavier than the one I had on.  With the heavier sheets, we should be all set for the colder weather.

So I have had a good Sunday.  I hope you all did, too.


  1. Zoey, your Thanksgiving decorations look great. I am wondering what to do to get out of the Halloween mode and into Thanksgiving. I am not having Thanksgiving but I am doing Christmas.

    I am still trying to clean up the garden and get everything out of the pots ready for greens. One year I had to bring several pots into the house to thaw, not fun!


  2. Oh Zoey I'm laughing..first glance at the first pic I thought..chopped up can tell where my mind is:)
    I'm loving that quilt..looks so pretty and cozy.
    You definetly had a productive day!

  3. while you were making a LOVELY banner, I was pulling pepper plants and other slimey frost-touched produce from the garden! Lucky you! It's deeply satisfying, I think, to change the sheets AND the quilt - signifying a new season.
    As always, I love your sharing.

  4. The banners are so cute and look nice with you autumn decor.
    I like your Log Cabin bedspread too. I just washed my store bought one, but had to repair a few pull outs before I did!


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