Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunflower Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree

I warned you that the tree you saw two days ago was only the first draft. 

My original thought was to do a sunflower tree.  The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to have sunflowers.  So when I got home from work today, I went down to the basement to find some sunflowers.  I only found a small handful---I know I have tons more, but in that space (which looks very similar to what I saw on the Hoarders show yesterday),I can't find anything!

So I came back upstairs and started to remove all the sunflowers I have in my kitchen, etc.  Yesterday I showed you my green wall with a bunch of sunflowers.........I grabbed all the yellow ones.... then I climbed up to strip this shoe vase above my kitchen china cabinet of its yellow sunflowers............

I left it pathetic looking, don't you think? Suddenly I am obsessed with finding sunflowers!!!   I looked around the kitchen to find more....

Ah ha! I spotted a few over the refrigerator................I climbed up on the counter and yanked them all from this little vignette........... eventually I had enough to add to the tree...........I still need a few more, but I am getting close to what I want.............

I begin sticking them into the Gingerbread Man tree...after a few minutes I am fairly happy:

I  could use a few more, but if I cannot find anymore, this will do.  I now have a Sunflower Gingerbread Man Tree!


  1. Zoey, only you could so this and have it look spectacular. Who else would have this many sunflowers?


  2. LOL, Eileen. I don't even have quite enough sunflowers, yet!

  3. Looks great Zoey! I don't even have my tree up yet. I think you need to come to my house and help me! ;-)

  4. what a fun idea Zoey...I love sunflowers...I might just have to steal...mmm I mean borrow your idea....

  5. the sunflowers are zesty and wonderous! They remind me of the year that we did an entirely natural tree - sumac and pinecones, wild grasses, cattails, berries, etc. It was GREAT! But yours is the bees knees.

  6. Beautiful! The sunflowers really put it over the top! First time comment, have been following your blog for about a year now - I too love to garden and live in NE Mich as well.


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