Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Been a Good Weekend

Thank you for all your kind comments on the bake sale items. I guess they all sold. I just dropped them off and left  yesterday morning. I hope those who bought  enjoyed them.

Right after work on Friday, I ran to Joanne's Fabric store because I needed some magnetic snaps to finish my latest denim handbag.  It is rare that I go into Joannes and leave with just one item!

Friday was no exception. I came home with all of this fabric--just a yard of each--  and two little bundles of turquoise and black/white fabric. Each bundle has 8 pieces of 9-inch x 21-inch  coordinating fabrics. It's a good way to get a nice assortment of different patterns in the same color family.

Today I went back to Joanne's because a new sale started. They had purse handles for $4 each--original priced at $6.99 to $13.99 each.  I could not resist! I also picked up more magnetic snaps because I already used up the ones I bought on Friday.
Early Saturday morning I finished my latest bluejean purse with the black accent vinyl.  I used it all weekend. 
Ever since I began making these denim bags, I have been wearing jeans on the weekends.  You may remember that I said I almost never wear jeans...well, now that I have quite an assortment of bluejean bags, I had to buy some jeans to go with them!

 Last week I ordered a few Christmas decorating books from the Michigan Electronic Library. I picked up the first one today.  I think I am going to spend a little time browsing through it tonight to see if anything inspires me.
I have been doing sunflower trees for the past 6+ years (at work). Maybe I will do a bluejean/burlap/sunflower tree this year at home.... anybody have their tree up yet?

I would like to share and answer a recent comment. Since it's anonymous, I can't send an email answer.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Thanksgiving Decorating--still at it":
anonymous said:
You're very real and personable. Your home reflects your enthusiasm, unique skills and love of home and family. I return as often as I can to catch up and oftentimes get a bit of inspiration for my own home. Too often all the other blogs just look the same, hard to tell the difference. You're one of my favorites and I enjoy my visits and truly appreciate you sharing.

Thank you, Willow.   I am so glad you find some sort of inspiration reading my ramblings. I would love to hear about your own home projects inspired from something I posted! 

That goes for all of you out there--It would be a thrill to hear about something you made because I wrote about it.


  1. I love the idea of a sunflower tree...I went to Joanns yesterday...

  2. Hi Zoey, I was also at JoAnn's this weekend, must be the time of year? I love your handbags and want to try making something very similar soon. I spent the weekend sewing six washable diapers for a friend's shower gift. She seemed to like 'em and I hope they work. (I also whipped up a little polar fleece bunting too, had to put something cute in the gift!)

    No tree up here yet, but I certainly look forward to seeing yours, I know it will be gorgeous!

  3. My trees are up..two of them, one downstairs and one upstairs. Love watching the twinkling lights as I relax on the couch!
    Zoey..that's a pretty good stash from JoAnn's..wondering what you will be making with all that fabric. I guess I shall wait and see:)

  4. We are all into our crafting for the weekend. I trimmed my daughter-in-law's little chandelier shades around the bottom with black and gold roping, ten of them.

    Your purses look wonderful, can't wait to see some more and your holiday decor.


  5.'s so good to be back to blogging and reading my favourite blogs once again:-) Thank you for the compliment on my "new" living room, it was a lot of hard and frustrating work at times but well worth it! lol I had to smile when you said you thought for sure I'd have my Christmas decorations up...not yet but maybe next week I'll start. It will be interesting to see which Christmas decorations I can use this year, being that I no longer have the entertainment unit or bookcase that I used to place a lot of decorations on!!

    I love the pictures you posted of your Thanksgiving decor, so gorgeous. Also love the new denim bag you made for yourself! I'm looking forward to seeing what ideas you come up with to decorate your tree this year:-) xoxo

  6. Blogger ate my first comment!
    I was saying I love JoAnn's for their great sales and have gotten 4 cross stitch pieces done there.
    Your demin bag looks really nice! I too don't wear a lot of jeans-mostly leggings. I finally found some Levis that fit well at Wally World.
    Have a birthday and Thanksgiving to contend with before I even think of Christmas. I do have one gift bought, but hope to make some too!


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