Thursday, June 30, 2005

What do you like in a blog?

I have decided to take a little survey to find out what all of you like to see or read about in a garden blog. I have some specific likes and dislikes, but others may have different ideas. Here are some of mine:

1. I like pictures. A garden blog without pictures is like a hot fudge sundae sans the hot fudge. If you are really hungry for ice cream it might tempt you, but on most occasions you will pass it up.

2. And about those pictures – I like to see landscape pictures, the full view of a border, rather than close ups of flowers. An occasional close up is nice to show the detail of a flower you are talking about. But what I really enjoy is seeing what you have planted next to each other, the shape and size of the full border, where it is located in your landscape, etc.

3. I like to see container plants because I am always looking for ideas for unique containers or creative combinations of plant material.

I think the main reason we read these blogs is to gain ideas for our own gardens (quilts, decorating, etc). Often looking at someone’s work will spark an idea of my own that will turn out to look nothing like the author’s. But had I not read that blog, I would never have created that particular work.
So if any of you would like to share your thoughts, please click the comment line below. I would be quite interested to hear what you have to say.


  1. I have to chuckle a bit here. I like to see long landscape views, too, but you won't see many on my site.

    Why? Because my overall garden is a shapeless work in progress that has been abruptly truncated by my spouse putting the place up for sale.

    Not to mention that I'm not particularly proud of the ancient mobile home I live in, and therefore I diligently work to exclude it from any photo I post.

    I do a lot of pot gardening, and will work at posting what little I have done this year so you can see my creative efforts!

  2. Thank you, Jenn. I understand completely. I now have to hide the big yellow building behind my rock wall since just last month they decided to expand and cut down all the trees that used to hide it. It is amazing how many pictures I can't use now because that atrocity is in the back ground.

  3. I happen to like close-ups and I take a lot of them. Like Jenn, not everything is really well landscaped in my yard. I have a few gardens, but in general when I take my photos, the close-ups are the ones that stand out to me.
    I posted a close-up of a gorgeous daylily yesterday. It's in a bed with a few roses and dianthus which have flowered and aren't that pretty right now, so I didn't take the entire garden shot. I do have some pond pictures (my little 50 gallon one) that I will share soon.
    I think you covered everything pretty well in your post though.

  4. Same here. I like to see how the garden is put together. Closeups are nice, but you can get those on greeting cards, seed packets, commercial sites, well.. all over the place.

    I'm glad you mentioned this and I hope more gardeners will feel free to post pictures of less than perfect areas of their yards. Also, I am always looking for ideas for perennials that look good together.

    Sabine's Garden

  5. The overalls are nice but I prefer the closeups. I like to feel like I am right on top of things.

    I also like to read the hows and whys of a garden. Why this variety over that one. How did you make this or that contraption. (I'm good for contraptions)

    Thanks for sharing your garden.

  6. I enjoy both. I like wide shots to see how people put their gardens together. I am always curious how people see their gardens, what is beautiful to them. I probably take alot of close-ups because I usually buy flowers that I really like. Ex: peonies and lillies. I just like lots of pictures period!

  7. Thanks everyone for you comments. It looks like we all like something a little different. Like Sandy, we probably all just enjoy a lot of pictures.

  8. I like close-ups of individual flowers, shots of just a couple plants, and sweeping landscape views. My blog has mostly the first two types of pics because the garden is so new (started this spring). However, I wish I had taken more "big" shots when I first started so that I could have some good before and afer comparisons. I just find it hard to take a picture that includes bare dirt!

  9. On my blog you will mostly see closeups because those are the kind of pictures I enjoy taking. But I like the landscape pictures on other blogs.

    I have to admit that I don't really understand spatial concepts very well. It is hard for me to understand the concept of "designs" I tend to think of plants and flowers as individuals.


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