Monday, July 11, 2011

What are we Doing Working so Hard (AGAIN) in mid-90 Degree Weather?

We decided to dig out the new border early this morning as we won't have much time when go back to work tomorrow.

I was hot and miserable as I shook the soil from three big wheelbarrow loads of grass that we had to remove.

Look how dry it is. We really need rain tonight!
Poor DH is dying, too. We both took a lot of breaks in this shaded area.

After we finished and cleaned up, I decided to go back and buy two dwarf Golden Threadleaf False Cypress shrubs that I bypassed yesterday.  The more I thought about it, the more I wanted them for their compact height (3ft x 3ft max) and their great lime green color.

As we passed a thermometer reading on the way home, we realized why we felt like we were dying in the heat as we worked.  It was 96 degrees!

Thanks to all of you who gave me comments on the ninebark. After listening to all of you, I am feeling pretty confident that they are going to work out nicely.  I will have to leave a lot of space  when planting, but in a couple of years, I think they will fill up the area.  I can't plant until after the contractor gets done. I think he will be finished on Tuesday. He's just waiting for one piece he ordered and then he can finish the steps and railing.

While taking one of my many breaks this morning, I was noticing the colorful view from the white bench toward the gardens.  As soon as the sun went under a cloud, I snapped a picture to show you.

I see I dropped a piece of rope that we were using to lay out the curve of the new border.  Just ignore that. :)   This and next will be the best weeks for my garden.  After next week, it's all downhill.  How sad is that?  So much work for such a short time.


  1. Your gardens are so lovely. The heat was extreme to be out there doing that, but I'm the same way. When I want something, I want it done. Should look beautiful when you are done.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Removing sod is a chore! Kudos to the both of you for braving the heat and sharing the photos...that shady swing area looks inviting.

  3. Blech! I hate making new beds. You are so lucky to have your hubby involved and helping! I think mine is just hoping to be able to tolerate this gardening. I know you will have it all done and looking awesome, soon!

  4. Why is it we always choose the hottest days to do things like that? lol We had a thunder storm earlier today and now it's sunny and humid as heck. I was just out there tying up some of my plants that the rain had flattened down and just doing that has me all sweaty. Ick! All of my lilies are now blooming, as is my hydrangea and you, once those are done, the flowerbeds are going to go downhill. Maybe I should buy some potted plants to place in the empty spaces...that sounds like a plan! lol xoxo

  5. Oh, Zoey, I'm glad you took a lot of breaks in that heat! We've been having one hard time putting in that limestone wall in the garden, too, it's just SO hot.

    I think we've had much more rain than you have, though. It's pretty squishy around here yet. I can't wait to see this garden project done. Your other garden is just amazing, how beautiful. I feel like you do sometimes, too, when I was planting out the 2000 annuals this spring, I was thinking, yup, in less than twelve weeks, you can just pull all these back out again. But for those twelve weeks, I'm gonna enjoy 'em!!

  6. Zoey, Your gardens are simply stunning! I adore those calla lilies, and your lovely white arbors!
    Blessings, Beth


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