Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Garden Suffers when I go Back to Work

I have completely ignored the garden for the past two days. When I am working, there is nobody to dead head all of the daylilies. I hate when they look like this!

or water the deck containers. This huge barrel of liatris is desperate for water. All of the bud heads should be standing tall toward the sky, not flopping over like this.

Even if I stayed home all day, there is no way I could dead head all of my orange ditch lilies! This is just one area of them:
You can see a few others to the left of this arbor.  I think I will be replacing those with a Ninebark shrub (now that you've all gotten me hooked on Ninebarks! LOL)

 'Tiramisu'  seems to be having a problem. Even though its advertised as more sun tolerant, I think this spot may be a bit too sunny.  I am going to leave it here a bit longer to see if it adjusts. I really need it in this spot because of the color.

When I get home from work today, I will have to go out and water again. It's dreadfully dry here.  I hate when we get a drought!


  1. Hi Zoey. Everything still looks gorgeous. I hate missing dead heading too though. I am concerned about my Tiramisu also in full sun but I just moved it this year and right now it's smaller than yours, but I'm not going to move it until I see how it does next year. New small plants in full sun have a difficult time their first year so next year I will make the decision. Have a nice week.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Gosh, I don't work and I still don't get around to deadheading every day. I don't know how you do it. You really have a stand of daylilies there, wow. I was moving some last night until the mosquitoes threatened to take me off to their leader, we have such an infestation this year, it's crazy. With the drought you are in, are you having problems with them, too?

    I have to try the newer heucheras, the color you have is really pretty.

  3. I'm an amateur when it comes to gardening - still learning what I'm doing. I haven't deadheaded most things before, but as my collection of flowering plants is growing, I'm curious. Do you have any tips for deadheading for a beginner?

  4. Yikes, that huechera has got the sunburn! That storm that blew thru the other day brought very little rain, did it get to you?

  5. We haven't had any rain in the last two weeks so everything is pretty dry here as well. I've been going out every morning to water my gardens before the sun gets too hot and then again in the evenings. No matter how much you water, though, it's not the same as a good soaking rain. I can't get over how many lilies you have, no wonder you can't keep up deadheading them! lol Speaking of deadheading, I have a Million Bells hanging planter and I could be out there deadheading it for hours, there seems to be no end to it!

    It's sunny and 72 here right now...perfect for me:-) xoxo

  6. Hi Cher,
    I didn't think this spot was full sun! Maybe it gets more than I thought. I have been watering it regularly, so I am quite distressed about this!

    I think I have less mosquitoes this year than in the past. I think our cold weather in June may have something to do with that.

    Anne, I did a post about deadheading a long time ago that still gets a ton of hits. I think it's my most popular post ever. You can check it out here:
    Other than that, my only advice is to deadhead as often as you can because it makes the garden look so tidy and attractive.

    No rain here. BUMMER!

    Hi Pea,
    Don't feel bad about the million bells. You don't have to deadhead that they say.....mine never grows large enough for me to say for sure! It's 73 degrees here, too!

  7. Oh Zoey..never mind deadheading all those flowers..your garden looks wonderful as is.
    Yep it's a little dry around here too..waiting for some rain. Never thought I'd say this..because back in June all it did was rain:)
    Perfect temperature here today +24C.

  8. The only thing I deadhead is petunias because they are closer to sitting areas and it bugs me. I don't remember ever doing lilies. I hate when things get real droopy like that from the sun.

  9. Zoey,

    Your daylilies are gorgeous and you have so many of them! I tend to get lazy with deadheading too - shame on me.

  10. Hi Zoey,

    Dayliles do not require deadheading to keep blooming, but I know what you mean about the mushies. I go around the garden with my little pail picking off those day old mushies. I missed yesterday and I actually felt guilty!

    I agree about the ditch lilies, you will be happier with something else. There is a new Heuchera that I just bought at Home Depot called Miracle and it supposedly will grow in the sun. It begins with the lime green leaves and then changes as the season progresses. We'll see.


  11. Zoey, your garden is awesome! Love the orange ditch lilies.

  12. I'm afraid I don't have time to keep my garden as tidy as I'd like. Yours looks lovely and abundant! The fourth photo is a beauty! Your garden looks straight out of a garden/flower book!

  13. Hi Zoey, What a pretty garden you have. So much beautiful color! It is dry here as well. We haven't had rain for almost 2 weeks and none is forecast until Monday. I will have to break down and water the front garden tomorrow. I too hate spent daylilies. I have too many plants to remove the old blooms. I wish the flowers just fell to the ground after they enjoyed their day in the sun.


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