Friday, July 22, 2011

Miscellaneous Garden Photos from the Past Week

Loosestrife 'Alexader' is a nice variegated yellow loosestrife. I don't find it to be an invasive thug at all.

The area where I removed all of the pink Manhattan Lilies:
Same area slightly different angle to show the Shastas:

Their new home in relation to the old home: Tango Lily:

I am loving the color of the 'Cherries Jubilee' nasturtiums from Dianne:

Hope you all have a geat weekend!


  1. Your gardens are so lovely Zoey. Everything looks so good together and you have such an eye for the proper mixture and balance.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. so pretty......not seeing to many flowers around here right now...

  3. Soooo gorgeous! I love that "Cherries Jubilee" nasturtium. I mean to grow nasturtium every year...and I forget.

  4. I LOVE your yard. I have an open expanse lawn just waiting to look like yours! Someday - if I keep working at it. Your grassy pathway is perfect.
    'hugs from afar'

  5. Nasturiums are a pretty flower although I love the leaves as much as the flowers.
    Is the heat letting up somewhat? It's difficult to enjoy gardening in such heat.

  6. I agree with Betty-the leaves are pretty on the Nasturtiums too! Must be a good year for them in your neck of the woods. I have little spindley things right now. The Moonflower and purple pod vine (from the Amish lady, I don't know it's name) are doing well.
    Your gardens are filling in nicely and so pretty. I am always amazed how different our gardens look from March to July. The Tango lily is awesome too!

  7. I just love this!! I currently live in Alberta Canada...BUT... Im moving to Holland Michigan.. I am an avid gardener and can't wait to get started in Michigan... OOOoohhhh the things I will be able to exciting....
    I am also... a Quilter... what better on those chilly winter days..... looking forward to following you.....Kate

  8. Wow, the flowers are looking fantastic, Zoey! Did the hot weather let up there yet? We're still going to be in the upper 80's but the humidity is awful.

    Love the lilies and that nasturtium is a jewel.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Hi Zoey
    I just popped over from Quarry Garden Stained Glass. Wow---your garden is beautiful.
    I moved to northern Michigan a few years back and am trying to figure out this sand--what a challenge!
    Looking forward to going thru your old posts--what a pretty pretty place you have!

  10. The gardens are looking fantastic despite the heat Zoey. I love the patches of daylilies and daisies.


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