Friday, July 29, 2011

The Side Deck Garden

I don't think I have shown many pictures of the side deck garden this  year. I do nothing to this area except clean it up in the spring.  It used to be my best area. Unfortunately it faces my nice but messy neighbors.  I see no reason to spend time making it lovely when they give me nothing decent to look at in return.  So now I just let it do its own thing.

It is the only area where I still have some bee balm.

Looking at the same bee balm in the opposite direction, you can see my liatris (blazing star) blooming in the top deck planter.

Walk a few yards back and some purple phlox is just beginning to bloom.

Up on the deck I spotted this shaggy dahlia just about to burst open. It must be one of the new ones I planted as I don't recognize it. I think it is going to be a very interesting dahlia!  I love flowers that are slightly different from the norm.  It looks like it will be huge.
I will show what it looks like when it's completely opened this weekend.


  1. Lovely Zoey. I have one of those neighbors. Oh wait that's right, I have two of those kind of neighbors. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Well, I'm the NUT in the neighborhood because I'm the only one that does anything with their yard. So, I just look at yards online!
    Even though you say you don't do much with that patch, it's still very pretty. I'll be watching for the Dahlia open!

  3. No need to do anything to that area, it's great as is! Maybe that is a dinner plate dahlia, oh la la...

  4. LOL, Cher. I am glad I have no neighbor on one side.

    Hi Sue, Every now and then that area looks better than those I spend hours working on....go figure!

    I wonder................I kinda hope not because I don't like flowers so huge they need staking.

  5. I wanted to let you know your post was
    so beautiful that it is featured on
    WebGarden today. Our readers enjoy
    getting ideas and inspiration. I hope
    many will follow your blog after visiting.
    Thanks for sharing your gardening talents!
    ~Brooke (CreativeCountryMom)
    Here is the link to see your post....

  6. We ALL have neighbors like that. Mine let their ferns and wisteria and everything else run rampent on my fence line. yeah...makes me happy. Your pics are gorgeous.

  7. I can't wait to see your dahlia!
    As for our neighbor-he planted evergreens and blue spruce between our yards-helped the robbers who broke in our house go unseen 15 yrs ago on a Saturday afternoon and he was out in his yard!

  8. Brooke,
    Thanks for featuring me on WebGarden. I went there for a quick look and found myself checking out 2 or 3 other links. What a great place to find new blogs. I will certainly be back for more!

    Jeanni, I wish I had a fence line between us! I guess we all have neighbor issues. Luckily mine is minor compared to some I have heard about.

    Me, too. I am going to run out there now to see if it opened last night. Oh, dear, sounds like hidden neighbors may not be a good thing.

  9. Zoey, At least the messy neighbors are nice! The worst is messy crabby neighbors! Maybe even ones that tie their poor Boxer puppy to the swingset for hours at a time??? Good thing you don't have THAT view!!

  10. I love your lawn...and pretty.....

  11. I have just come across your lovely pics ... trying to get some ideas for our new property, which has a quarter of an acre, mainly in lawn, with just 3 medium-sized trees & a few canna lillies, but lots of nice agapanthus along the house-side of the driveway, & along the house on the other side too. Nothing else apart from a hydrangea bush at the front of the house, which is a glorious shade of crimson. So in need of lots of inspiration & have enjoyed your pics. I live in New Zealand & we have just recently down-graded from a half acre property with a very attractive 1928 villa, to this quarter acre with a 1910 villa (five bedrooms, so a good size & still has some of original sash windows, but front veranda has been replaced with 2 extra rooms, which takes away the graceful lines of the old villa). So it needs prettying up! I can see wisteria, lots of climbing roses, foxgloves, delphiniums, lupins & dainty ground-cover, along with a lilac tree & some hebes. Have old watering cans, Victorian cast iron chairs & a Georgian well-head ... all from the many years I lived in England. Will keep an eye on your pics ....I am not overly fond of dahlias, but looking at the one above, I have decided to put a few in! Best Regards

  12. Oh goodness ... I have just seen that you live in Michigan. I have just returned from a three week visit with my two sons, who live there with their wives & children. Planning another trip for September 2012. Meant to say that I love your deck with its white trellis walls. My husband is planning to build a large deck & I am very keen on having some sort of walls, so that trellis has given me some ideas. thanks Zoey.


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