Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fireworks Viewing While Floating in Lake Huron

8:00 p.m. - Our viewing platform has arrived...

It will be over an hour before we board.

About 9:00 p.m. - DH is all settled in (me, my mom and sister are also sitting near him, but it's impossible to get a flattering picture of three women at one time :) )

Finally we're off ... this is "Sputnik" our city's unique red steel-framed lighthouse.  Its name comes from its resemblance to the Russian space satellite.   

As we get further out, the sun begins to set. It will be out an hour before the fireworks begin.

Finally it's dark enough...

I have never been on a boat when it was pitch black outside. We did not get home until just a few minutes before midnight.

What a unique  Independence Day I had this year!


  1. Those are spectacular photos so I can just imagine how wonderful it was to see it in person.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. WoW. Truly awesome viewing! Thanks for sharing, zoey!

  3. Zoey, we went to Green Bay and watched the fireworks near the Fox River, but we didn't have views like you had! There were boats out in the water and I was thinking what a wonderful experience it must be to sit in your boat and see all the reflections and here you show me pictures of what it's like. I'm so glad you had a wonderful day.

  4. Cher,
    I took over a 100 photos, most of which I deleted. It is not easy to get a decent fireworks photo.

    It was truly awesome!

    After working in the garden from 7:30am to 10:30am, I decided to shower and attend the festivities. I am so glad I changed my mind about working in the garden all day. Had I done that I would have missed all the fun.

  5. The fireworks look great! They cancelled our big display on Lake Michigan and I guess Navy Pier had a smaller version.

    I haven't been in awhile but I would sure like to see it from a boat.


  6. What a fun time that looked like! I loved the photos of what you saw before and after it got dark. Awesome shots!

  7. Looks like an awesome evening! Glad you went and took these great fireworks shots!

  8. oh Zoey that was an experience of a life time...thank you for sharing...

  9. What an awesome 4th you had!! Loved the pics, thanks for taking us along.


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