Friday, July 8, 2011

Asiatic Lilies

A quick post just to show some new flowers blooming.

The lilies have begun. I was disappointed in these Manhattan lilies (pink ones) I planted last fall. I bought them in bloom and they were short. I thought they were dwarfs, but this year they surprised me by growing way too tall.
  I expected them to be small like these red dwarfs in another section.
I don't have time to write more as DH is waiting for me.


  1. The photos speak for themselves....very pretty.

  2. You must be on vacation, Zoey? I like the tall lilies! (and the blue watering can!) have fun!

  3. Shame on those lilies...All kidding have one of the loveliest gardens. Balisha

  4. I like the tall pink lilies. They are a focal point!


  5.'s so hard to know how tall things will really get...and labels aren't always very accurate...I'm constantly moving things around!


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