Sunday, July 10, 2011

Flowers on Mackinac Island

A horse and carriage topiary on the Grand Hotel grounds:

The island has a flower shop where every wee bit of earth has been put to good use.

Now this is a porch worth getting excited over:

Love this picket fence/arbor!
Perfect garden chairs.

Nice rockery entrance garden:

Look, they used nasturtiums in their containers just like I did this  year.

Even the trash receptacles are covered in flowers (anything will a hat like this one cannot be called a garbage can). :)


  1. Very nice, looks like a very pretty little town. Love the gardens you showed.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. They get the most out of their 47 minute growing season, don't they, Zoey!!??
    Although, I would imagine the hotel is open year round? I wonder...can the horses get thru snow or do they use snowmobiles?
    So, did you bring home any fudge??!

  3. Hi Cher,
    It is a very pretty island.

    Sissy, they have horses as taxis in the winter, but all the locals own snowmobiles. The hotel is closed from mid October until April each year. They have a few other hotels that remain open. No, did not buy any fudge. I personally don't find it as good as they think it is. :)

  4. Great gardens! The horse and carriage is so neat! I think they used mounding nasturtiums instead of trailing ones in those planters. ; )
    Sounds like a hit or miss with the fudge-same with PA Dutch cooking. Years ago you knew it was more homemade. We went to a buffet a few years back and we could tell they used instant potatoes!

  5. Hi Zoey,

    Gorgeous pictures of Mackinac Island. It looks like the weather has been wonderful for you. Enjoy your vacation!

  6. I love the butterfly chairs....great photos...


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