Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cordyline, Gazanias and Sedona Coleus--a $1 Improvement

I bought this pot of gazanias a few days ago for just under $5.
Although bright, it's a big yawner--nothing else of interest in this pot. So I took it apart and got five separate plants. I  used them to give some other containers a shot of shockingly gorgeous orange  (remember I am an orange lover).

I had a bright orange Gerbera planted in front of the Cordyline container, but the leaves got moldy and it never bloomed so I yanked it out. What a sad plant!

I replaced it with one gazania - a $1.00 change.
I did not even think about how the purple center ring would look great with the Sedona coleus.  It is amazing  how changing out one little plant really spiced up this combo.
You can see the kale has bolted in this container (thanks again to Sissy for giving me the proper terminology. She is a wealth of plant information!). 

I have since cut down the yellow kale flowers as I did not find them attractive with this planting.


  1. It's the time of year to get cheap flowers to spruce up container and gardens. I do like the orange with purple! I usually do lots of my own containers and hanging pots too.

  2. Gerbera daisies fool everyone. They look so sweet in their pots, but they are finicky and mold easily. They look cool temps and loads of feed. They are perfect for one thing, though. They are perfect to bring as hostess gifts, or for someone in the hospital. They are very cheery!
    You did such a good job of creating a lovely container!
    (did you get my comment about your bulb provider?? I want some of those yellow allium, but wondered how you felt about the Brecks??)


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