Monday, July 18, 2011

A Few New Blooms brave the High Temperatures

We had a record breaking temperature day Sunday - 97 degrees. Have I mentioned how much I hate hot weather?  It's been awful for the past week. Bring back the 70-degree temps! 

Even with the sweltering temps I got a little bit of garden work done early Sat and Sun. morning.  I finished the little path extension, but I don't have pics of it as it's not planted yet.

Yesterday morning I moved the rest of the Manhattan lilies to the path we put in a few weeks ago.
Now I have them on both ends of the path.

The lavender began to bloom.

I think the purple goes so nicely with the chartreuse hosta leaves.

Olina tango lily opened. In the background you see the Manhattan lily. They work nicely together.

Lots of calla lilies on the deck
Though only one calla lily bloomed in this blue pot. I planted three, so that's a bummer.
It threw off my whole scheme. The canna leaves also have not grown large. The big striped leaves in the picture above this one should be growing up through this container. They should be way taller than the  white-splotched calla leaves you see on top. So far they are hardly visible unless you paw through the foliage. Another bummer! There is still hope for the canna. I fertilized yesterday so maybe that will kick it in gear.

Dianne, Here is the 1st nicotiana bud from the seeds you sent--so exciting!

It's Blooming Tuesday, so head on over to see the other gardens


  1. Wow Zoey, everything looks gorgeous. Love how you have done the path.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Don't see anything here to be disappointed in at all! Looks beautiful.

  3. My canna are not good this year, either! Why is that? Lack of rain? You have accomplished so much, despite the heat!

  4. Wow, all looks amazing to me. I can't garden in that kind of weather. I'm glad to see a bloom and as they all bloom, remember to save the seeds. : )

  5. Zoey, UGH the weather........please bring back the 70's! Your garden looks absolutely beautiful, would never guess it was in extreme heat conditions. I'm amazed at how well your lilies took the move, mine would be lying down flat on the ground.

    Love the new pathway and the potted flowers, all your colors so coordinated and well-thought out. You have such a talent for planting all the right things in the right places.

    Another thunderstorm whipped through here about 9AM this morning; lots and lots of wind and buckets of rain, kinda scary, but now it's almost 90 again already. SIGH!

  6. Well those blooms are braving more than I am..I'm staying indoors where it is nice and cool:)
    I'm esp loving the tango lily. Oh Zoey..your garden must be a 'wealth of delicious scents'.

  7. Zoey Love your pathway and the riot of colour in the garden is amazing. I too find this heat unbearable. Indoors in the afternoon for me.

  8. I love the combination of that Manhatten Lily with the Olina, very striking. You have many gorgeous blooms right now. :)

  9. Zoey your garden is gorgeous. Love the new pathway! Is that a Sum and Substance hosta? I love the combo of the chartreuse and the purples, very striking!

  10. Zoey, I love the color combinations you have in your garden. The lavender blooms are beautiful. As are the lilies. Thanks for sharing! ~~Rhonda

  11. What a gorgeous walkway you have. Your flowers are so pretty and healthy looking. Love, love, love the potted plants in yellow. Simple beautiful!

  12. Your gardens are stunning and I absolutely love your name too!

  13. Love your containers. They are so full and colorful and the foliage is outstanding. The lilies are beautiful.

  14. Beautiful flowers... so serene! Thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower and look forward to reading more of your posts and learning more about gardening! Ellen

  15. You are just too darn organized, or at least your garden is! LOL!! The tango lily is really amazing! All your plants work so well together and I can't believe how easy your plants move about and still look great. Lovely,as always! Jean

  16. Fabulous blooms! would love to have you share this week at Cottage Flora Thursdays! xoxo. tracie

  17. Oh how I wish lavender liked Florida's weather better. Your garden is very pretty.

  18. Zoey ~ beautiful, beautiful, beautiful as always!! I love the Olina tango lily--never seen one that color. I love the pic of the calla lilies on the deck. The touch of nasturtium in that picture is nice. My son lives in Michigan, and he sent me a picture of this of the temp gauge in his car that said 101! I couldn't believe that was in Michigan! You would never know your plants are enduring that much heat.

  19. Your flowers are gorgeous. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my Feedjit vent. At least on yours, I have the ability to remove my IP relatively easily. (Some, possibily the older versions, don't make that possible.) I wouldn't be able to leave a comment on those. For me, it says exactly where I live, every time.

    I realize that hackers can find out just about anything they want to, I just find the whole idea of it fairly 'big brotherish'.

    On my blog, I can look at the 'statistics' area, and see how many people visit and which countries they are from. But not specifically which towns, and I can't tell where individuals who comment are from.

    Thanks again for the visit.

  20. Zoey, all your blooms are beautiful! I just love your container with canna. Even though you say it threw off your planned scheme, it still looks great!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.


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