Thursday, October 7, 2010

Still Living in a Mess

Since we were gone for the past two weekends, we didn't get much inside painting done. It still looks like this:

Everything is very white because the new drywalled walls have all been primed with Kilz.
Yesterday I bought 2 gallons of the green paint, Recycled Glass, that I showed on the previous post.  Can you believe that I have not even looked in the can to see what the color really looks like?  I don't want to look because I am afraid it will scare me! I have told myself that no  matter how scary it looks in the beginning, I will follow through because it will look very different once I get furniture in the room. 

We are planning to spend the whole weekend working in the house, so it should all be done by Sunday night. I hope so because I want to do some Halloween decorating.  I made my "Boo" banner and these little wooden circles that I plan to glue to twine and drape over something--no idea what yet.

Doesn't this chocolate/caramel dessert look divine?  It is the only picture I took last weekend when we went to the Bruce Springsteen tribute.  It was very good--a rich melt-in-your-mouth dessert.

We had a frost this week which killed a lot of my plants, like the Creeping Jenny in this  milk can. 
On the inside of this arbor I had some Colchium that looked terrible this year. So I removed it and planted the Manhattan lilies that I bought last week. This should look very pretty next July with the huge pink 'Manhattan' blooms.

All the deck plants got hit hard. What a mess!
This is the area I showed you on the last post that was still looking good...NOT anymore!
I am hoping to get everything cut down over the weekend and put away for the winter.

I have been doing a bit (O.K. a LOT) of online clothes ordering this week.  Here are a few of the items I am waiting for:
Those round things are bracelets.  As you can see, I am still into the bright colors!

I hope you are all having a good week. Even though I have not been posting, I have been visiting a lot of you during the early morning hours.  Once I get all the work done around here, I will be back to regular posting.


  1. I haven't even started getting my living room ready to be painted because our Thanksgiving weekend is this weekend and I didn't know if I was going to have company. Now I've found out that neither of the boys are coming home and we've been invited to Ross's son's place for Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday so I won't bother making a dinner for just mom and I. We'll go out instead! lol So, that means I should start emptying out the living room tomorrow. I know I'll be scared of looking into the paint can as well, I've always had white walls in there and going green is kind of scary! lol

    Love the new clothes you've ordered!!

    Your poor plants look like mine did before I cut them down. The temperatures have been so weird, frost in the mornings and yet warming up in the high 50's, low 60's during the day with bright sunny skies. I'm not complaining:-) xoxo

  2. sorry about your the new duds....

  3. you are very brave to share your poor frost-bitten plants, since we know yours to be such a lovely garden most of the time!!!! Good for you! Love your new clothing acquisitions - very nice! Cannot WAIT to see this green paint on your walls!!!!

  4. I keep eyeing up my coleus wondering what to do with them...the frost will be here one of these nights.
    How was the tribute? Did you get up and rock and roll? : )
    I think once you find a color that you keep going back to, that's the one. I think you'll be pleased. I dislike white unless it's in a theme room like all black and white. Can't wait to see what you and Carole do!

  5. Painting is such a pain...but so worth it...hope it turns out well!

  6. Can't wait to see the finished product !! I'm getting tired of all white walls.

  7. Hope you've got the windows opened while using the Kilz. We came near going to ER one time because we didn't open windows while using it. Next time, we used Zinzer brand..hardly no odor to it and we liked it better. Love your new choice of clothing. I have a 50th. class reunion coming up the end of this month and want to start looking today for something new to wear to it. Where do you live that you've already had frost that killed your plants like that? We're still having high 70's and 80's temperatures. I really minded the constant high 90' and 100's this summer. So many days without any relief or rain until a few weeks ago.

    Once you get the paint on and all the trim work done, you'll love the color I bet. Maybe get one room put together completely before going to the next to see if the color will grow on you.

    My husband hates to paint and we ended up painting our sunroom twice because we didn't like the first color. He's a one coat person, and we had somebody paint our living room last year and he always does 2 coats and we saw it does make a difference. From now on, we will hired that man to paint for us.


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