Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Vignette Additions and a Halloween Shaggy Bag

How could I forget the "Boo" banner  & the round letters I made a few weeks ago? I added them to my Raven tablescape. You may notice that I moved the entire tablescape from the green wall in the dining room to the beige wall in the family room. I had to do that because the contractor had to come to fix the dining room chandelier after graceful husband hit his head on it and caused it to separate from the ceiling. We won't go into further details on that!

Last weekend I spent about six hours making myself a Halloween denim shaggy bag.  One side has a pumpkin:
 and one side has a witch.
It is a fun handbag for a fun holiday. I can't wait to use it!


  1. Love the bag Zoey! Hope hubby feels better.

  2. That is a cute bag! You could start using it now as Halloween is just around the corner. I did a little more decorating, but I am also in the middle of cleaning out closets, so 'things' are all over the place. My craft corner looks like a cyclone hit it!
    I'm glad you remembered your 'Boo' banner and Halloween letters. Great display.
    Our kitchen lamp has never had the plate part flat against the ceiling. Hope hubs is good now!

  3. Hi Zoey. What a cleaver decorated table for Halloween. Your banner is so wonderful. I love the bag and it will be so fun to carry. Everyone will be asking where you got it. LOL!
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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