Thursday, October 14, 2010

There a Few Things I Enjoy as Much as Sinking into my Big Bed Each Night

I have a tiny bedroom with a huge king-sized bed.  The bed takes up most of the room.  I bought this house over twenty years ago as a single working mother and never expected to stay here more than a few years.  It's strange how Real Life leads one down a different course.  I fell for a cheap banker rather than a master carpenter who could have built me that huge master bedroom with double walk-in closets and a master bath full of windows where I could sit in the jacuzzi and  look out to my gardens.

After all these years (21) with my cheap  banker,  I have come to the conclusion that  my bedroom is never going to get any bigger...and that is now OK.  I would rather have the cheap ( now ex-banker), than the big bedroom.

I do, however, demand nice sheets for that big bed.  For a number of years, I have been sleeping on 1000-thread count sheets. They are quite wonderful. Even my cheap ex-banker has learned to appreciate a high thread-count sheet.  When we go to a hotel, he can tell the difference and is always happy to get home to our sheets. 

Every  few years , the sheets need to be replaced. That time is now.

 I just received the new set of sheets I ordered..........................1200-thread count!!! 

OMG, I can hardly wait to put them on the bed. I am expecting them to be so soft.. I am  expecting such sweet dreams...........

It is amazing how good a sheet can make me feel!


  1. We have the same situation...a king sized bed in a smallish bedroom. We keep adding to the pillow top we have a memory foam pad on top of the pillow top. I feel like the Princess and the Pea as I climb into bed each night. (I almost need a ladder :) I love sheets with a high thread count. Have you tried bamboo sheets? Pretty soon we will put the flannel sheets on...I don't like them, but Joe does. I feel like I'm suffocating sometimes in the middle of the down comforter, flannel sheets, and the memory foam. me! Balisha

  2. Oh, Zoey, I can feel those sheets now. I don't think Ihave every had above 800 and I usually find them at an outlet or on sale.


  3. So are the 1000 count sheets warm or cool? I am wondering if they are more satiny than cotton?

  4. Ooooohhh.....please let us know what the 1200 count is like, I can only imagine! There is nothing like a nice pair of sheets!!

  5. Hi that bedding sounds divine? Now I'm wanting a 1200 count sheet..sweet dreams:)

  6. When we moved here, our realtor gifted us with these wonderful set of Egyptian cotton sheets and I absolutely love them! Only have one set of those and I wished I'd kept the outer wrapper on them so I could know what count sheet they are because I would love to have more. I don't like a satiny feel sheet or anything with that feel of satin.
    Most hotels probably only use what we referred to as muslin. Have you noticed that the hotel industry is finally buying fitted sheets for the beds?

  7. I saw 1k ct sheets on eBay-but they are microfiber and way cheaper. I then looked at the rating and people liked them...may have to try them. I like smooth, soft sheets without those nasty fuzzies too.

  8. Nothing like soft sheets for a good night's sleep...let us know.


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