Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Felt Very Overwhelmed at Work Today

I had so many different important things that had to get done--early morning mandatory insurance meeting, weekly labor report to the Big, Big Kahuna at the home office (should have been sent yesterday, but I ran out of time), meeting with bride/groom and parents for a big January wedding after they have already informed me they can't afford the bar costs--required some pretty creative suggestions on my part to get to something they could afford, 100 people for lunch on the F&B Director's day off, a convention for 2011 that I turned down last week because they were too large, but our local CVB director asked me to send a bid anyway......just in case they were smaller.........that is like saying..."hey, can you waste an hour or more of your time to send room rates, meal quotes, and vendor set ups to a group that won't fit in your hotel?" Sure, no problem!

I was very happy for this day to end! Luckily, it all turned out pretty good...

I decided I deserved a little reward when I got home. . . so I poured a glass of Chardonnay and did a bit of shopping --- 25% off and free shipping....could not resist!

I bought three of the same belt in colors to match things I already own...a couple of bead ball necklaces to match the bracelets I bought last month...a green/black necklace because I wear a lot of green/black and really needed it!

See that big brown bangle bracelet on the bottom?  It is suede with orange/blue embroidery........so cool!

I am trying not to buy any  more clothes because I have no closet space for them.

I also felt like creating something ...... so I have started another blue jean purse with black vinyl accents... Here are the four blocks I made all sewn into one 8-inch block....

Not sure where I will go from here....but when I get it done, I will show you a pic.


  1. Zoey you are a character, I love it


  2. Oh, your day sounds so stressful...people can be so demanding. I love the new accessories and your new purse looks so cool......I'm home all day and haven't done anything that creative in months. Can't wait to see the purse when it is all done.

  3. Hi Zoey,
    I read the post about not buying so many clothes...you didn't say anything about accessories though :) These pieces are really pretty. I love jewelry and my husband likes to buy it.
    Your day sounded stressful...glad you could "treat yourself." You just whip up those purses so fast. I love the ones made with jeans. Show us the finished product.

  4. I remember days like that when I worked. Sean is getting a taste of that himself.
    Yep, that internet shopping will make you feel better! I like what you picked.
    Cute vinyl accents on the demin!

  5. Sounds like a nice relaxing evening after the kind of day you had..for you that is:) I would be so stressed trying to sew anything. Wish I had that talent or is it interest:)
    Love the jewellery you picked.


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