Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Cannot Believe How Much Work it has been to get This House Back to Normal

We made a ton of progress today, but still have a ton and a half to do!

I had to work Saturday from 2:00 p.m. until about 7:15 p.m. While I was at work, Picasso  make that my dear, sweet husband, touched up all the paint messes I made near the dining room ceiling. I must say, it is so difficult to get a straight line up there! I am pretty sure I (unintentionally) messed it up so much, that I will never be allowed to paint again (oh, DARN!  :)  ).

Today we hung curtains, hauled furniture back into each room,  I washed the dust off everything, and tried to redecorate all the china cabinets.  I went down to the basement and brought up my old (1950's ?)  metal TV trays to use on top of 3 cabinets.

This is my largest cabinet against the new living room wall:

On the opposite wall of the living room:

and in the dining room:

This is the top of the curio cabinet also in the dining room:

I stacked the six green boxes that hold my dinner napkins next to the largest cabinet in the living room (which is right next to the dining room). I placed a live plant atop the boxes.

I used to have these boxes on top of the cabinet, but they were a pain to bring down to find the color napkin that I needed. Now they are easy access.

I really like my oil landscape against the green walls (in the living room).

 I mentioned how I wanted to do a Halloween dining table.  At the rate this is going, I may not get a table done.  So far the only Halloween decorating I have done is to put one black crow inside this lantern in front of the living room sofa.

Earlier this morning I went through my clothes closet and removed a lot of summer clothing--a big tote full!

I have an exact size tote full of winter jackets that need to go in the closet.  Unfortunately there is no room, even though I took all of this out. Right now the closet has just the right amount of space between hangers. I don't know what I will do with all those winter jackets.  I have resolved to STOP BUYING CLOTHES!  I have way more than I need.

I showed Sweet, Cheap Husband, the pics I posted of the green/red living room.   He did not seem all that enthused.  He said he likes it just the way it is.  Trying to get him into home decorating is like whacking my head against a concrete wall!


  1. Princess Di,

    Since you have your whole house redecorated, I think you will almost HAVE to have the Xmas eve par-tay at your place! Don't you think? There may even be a hostess gift involved - you never never know! :)

    Your lovely niece,

  2. Closet cleaning..that's what I need to do. Thanks for mentioning it..maybe I'll have enough courage to do it:)
    You sure have put a lot of work into your house..soon it will be time to sit back, kick up your feet and enjoy it. And no doubt there you will be 'relaxing' while doing some quilting.

  3. You have spurred me on Zoey, I need to get busy!


  4. Christina! I cannot believe that you left me a comment! It is so strange because I was just thinking today that I was not going to do the Christmas Eve party--it is too darn much work! It is still a couple of months away, so maybe I will be change my mind...
    Since you have that lovely new home, I think You should do it!

    Betty, I can't wait until that time arrives!

    Hi Eileen,
    I think you are a pretty busy lady, too!

  5. Great progress! I love those retro TV trays.

    and your prayer plant is looking good!

  6. It looks like you are having fun using some of your vintage pieces with the new wall color-excellent. I love what you are doing. Mayber your DH will warm up to the red-it makes a decorating statement. : )

  7. It looks so pretty, Zoey. I love the color..
    MEN! They just don't like change. It's going to be fun decorating for Christmas with your new color...I'm all for color now days.

  8. your projects are going way better than my kitchen project went this weekend...

  9. Work is joy (when finished :) Continued progress with both house and hubby :)

  10. I really like the bird and fan display. So simple, so perfect. A great pairing!


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