Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Think my Ecosystem Just Changed

We have very high winds today. I came home from work to find Charter cable out and this in one of my gardens:

It's the top 15 feet or so of a scraggly pine.  I am thinking the area where it broke off , which is in the garden on the opposite side, will be getting more sun next year--that's a good thing in my garden.

I am so glad I did not succumb to Charter's mailing of low prices for their "bundle".  Every time we have bad weather, the TV, the telephone and the Internet is gone from those who have it (like my mother).  This is the second time in the last week that Charter has been out. It was over 4 hours last week--that's a long time to sit and do nothing! 

I would rather pay a bit more to have the Internet when the TV goes out.  At least I have something to keep me entertained as I wait for my laundry to get done.

It is a bit scary sitting here and listening to the howling winds. I hope an entire tree does not fall...there are a few that would fall right on top of the room I am now in. Some of you may remember a few years back when one of our trees fell over and landed right on top of our truck.........nearly totaled it........thank goodness for insurance!

Barring any falling trees, my Wednesday night plans are to sew a little on my latest blue jean bag, do another load of laundry and warm up some leftovers for dinner.  Not a terribly exciting evening, but it suits me just fine. 

update: 6:30 p.m.  I posted my progess on the denim/black vinyl bag on my other blog. Click this sentence if you are interested.


  1. Hi Zoey, Oh, I'm glad the tree didn't fall on your house or on your cool barrel-hoop orb! Hasn't this wind been something? I've just returned home too, and see a tree from the woods fell across the road and the crew is sawing it up. One more day of this and hopefully it will calm down. And, I hate it when my internet goes down, I guess I have to admit it, I'm hooked on the thing!

  2. Zoey, we lost power also today for about three hours. This is short for us, usually much longer or days. I live in an older area with lots of trees. The winds have been really scary. I told my husband to put the dog on a leash so he wouldn't blow away!


  3. It's been really windy here too. And rain..
    Good job on the denim bag, Zoey..I love it!

  4. We were lucky and it missed us. Only got some heavy rain, not the extreme winds they were calling for.

  5. Yikes, I hate when that happens. Hope all is well.
    We had a big tree go down across the stream down the hill. The neighbor knew what it was as it use to belong to his aunt and uncle who lived in our house. I said he could have the wood, but he hasn't gotten over here yet.
    When we loss power from a bad storm, it can be out for days. Horrible!

  6. Hi Zoey,
    Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments.
    To answer your question about the paint color. It is Landscape SW1169 by Sherwin Williams in satin finish.
    It is a medium green color.

  7. Zoey, Just stopping by to catch up. You and hubby have sure been busy! Your rooms are really looking great. I finally got the outside work done except for leaves. That's my next project. Jean


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