Monday, October 11, 2010

Thank Goodness 10-10-10 comes only once a century

This shirt only begins to show you what a miserable day it was.

After 10 hours of taping and painting, Tuesday's manicure is pretty much shot.

What a thrill is was to pull this tape off!
The thrill only lasted a few minutes because then we had to start the dining room....more taping....more cutting in.....we were both totally exhausted and could not wait to fall into the freshly laundered bed last night (yes, in between the painting, I washed sheets and even my pillows! I saw on MSN where pillows should be laundered, so I did. They came out quite nice, but each pillow had to be in the dryer for more than 2 hours)

The good thing is that I like the paint color. It is exactly what I thought it would be.

I bought two new lamps. The base is a close match to the metal of the dining room chandy.
 But what I really liked is the rectangular shade. I am not sure where these will end up.

Do you remember these skeletons from my Halloween table last year?

I decided that this year I want to do a more elegant Halloween table in silver and black, so yesterday morning I also painted the skulls...and a few other things I may use on the table...

I took this wreath right from the deck lattice and painted it silver, too.
I plan to do a table this week--as soon as I get up on the ladder and touch up the ceiling/wall line of the green paint. Right now I am waiting for the window man to come and change out  a defective window. The poor man is working very late today.


  1. did you hear about all the weddings on 10-10-10...tons of Japaneze got married because the number 10 is good luck....

  2. Oohh Zoey - you poor thing! You'll be so happy once all the painting is done and everything will look wonderful and fresh and best of all, you won't have to do this again for a very long time! Yoohoo! I'm lovin' the silver skulls and accessories - very cool.

  3. The paint that you showed on the dining room wall looks very elegant! Wow, it's going to be so pretty. The dark wood looks dramatic next to it.
    Looks like you are being crafty too for Halloween. More power to you!

  4. Careful on that ladder! That color is very attractive.

  5. Ugh. Can you fix that for me Zoey? I must be sleepwalking this morning!


  6. Zoey, the amount of work you are doing right now would do me in! We painted the living room in May and I whined then, and it was only one I would rather weed the whole garden than work on painting the house (one reason I don't show many interior home shots, ha) I think everything will be just beautiful when you are done (and aren't clean sheets just the BEST?)


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