Monday, October 25, 2010

Late Fall Color in My Garden

I came home from work and planted a few perennials that I had in containers and hoped to save for next season. As I was planting, I noticed quite a bit of color in my dying (just about all dead) garden.

The Burning Bushes are still providing a big splash of red in the front border.

Way in the back, I noticed this smoke bush that was such a pretty red. I really did not remember that the smokebush had such nice fall color!

My two smokebushes are still small and have not yet taken up the smoking habit.  I am much happier now that I know they also provide nice fall foliage.

This is the same bush which is planted close to a Golden Privet.  The Golden Privet is yellow in the summer, then changes to this nice burgundy in the fall.  I think they both go nicely with the moss-covered rocks and all the pine needles that fall this time of the year.

The mailman brought this Christmas magazine today.  I do adore Christmas issues of magazines.  This is one of the few magazines I still subscribe to.

As you can see I also received the 'FINAL ALERT' that my subscription is coming to an end.
I intend to let it expire. I find that the Internet now provides me with all the creative stimulation I can handle...and I don't have to wade through a dozen pages of advertisements to get to the good stuff. Although I am increasingly finding more blogs that are adding advertisements...everyone is out to make a buck. Still I am very annoyed when big ads runs across my screen when I click on a blog. I usually delete those blogs as soon as I realize the owners have "sold out". I guess I am one of the few who are annoyed as I see thousands of followers for these blogs.

Maybe they really do make a ton of money blogging. In that case, I guess I would do the same! Do any of you know anyone who actually makes a living blogging?


  1. I love the red shrubs and have a Burning bush too.
    I like the autumn, but all those months after the leaves fall are drab and depressing.
    I am sure people make money off their blogs,I know a lady who reviews items and writes blog posts about them (or she use to).
    I also like Christmas issues, but will thumb through them first before I spend the money on them. I hear you on the ads! Ugh. And the cost of magazines is crazy.

  2. I do love to look at Martha and oogle over all of those recipes. I read a book called Pro Blogger and you only make money if you have several blogs and get thousands of hits per day. Most people make nothing, and only collect when they have reached $100which can take years.


  3. Don't you hate magazine that stick all those postcard type advertising in them?
    I get Country living and they always say go to this web site for more info. Shoot I bought the magazine to read it in my HAND.

    Love your reds in the gardens.

  4. I agree on the pop-up ads! BHG is noted for this and it's a pain.
    I never buy magazines anymore. My sister buys every one under the sun and gives me plenty in shopping bags!!

  5. Love those burning bushes..what gorgeous colors for fall.
    I rarely buy magazines..I find the cost just too high, and as you said Zoey..surfing the net is enough for can after all find anything you want!

  6. Hi!
    The colors in the pictures are so beautiful that I could not resist having a second look and then a third one. Autumn definitely has a lot of charm in its own way :)
    Especially I love the reddish pink leaves of the plants === Absolutely magnificent :)


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