Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Very Unique Halloween Decoration

"The Raven" is an 1845 poem by Edgar Allan Poe. It has always been a rather eerie poem, depicting a love gone wrong. A talking raven flies in and every time the distraught lover asks the raven a question, it says "nevermore".

I printed a bit of the poem from the Internet and used a Halloween spiderweb font.  I perched the black bird on the 1940's Remington 'Convoy' typewriter that my husband purchased at a garage sale about fifteen years ago.  We have never found a use for this old typewriter--until now.

I burned the edges of the paper to make it look old and  I added spiderwebs and skeletons.

I used a few of my recently silver-painted objects and ended up with this vignette.

Except for the gold candlestick that the silver skeleton is perched atop, I like this Halloween decoration.,  I may change that candlestick.

I wish I could take credit for this idea, but it was a blatant copy from this  creative blog that I found one morning this week.  I tend to surf around the net in the wee hours of the morning and I was checking out Halloween decorating  memes and came across this.  I think it is one of the  most unique ideas I have seen for the holiday.  Please go over and check out all of her great black/white decorating ideas---her old typewriter is way more cool than mine!


  1. Wow, this is cool! I love the old typewriter too.
    I took a look at the other blog and you both sure can think out of the box. I wish I had more room to decorate sometimes. I'm still decorating for Halloween-lol. 12 days is a long time for me to have it up these days.

  2. Zoey, The Raven, only next to the Tell Tale Heart and The Fall Of The House Of Usher, Oh!! stop beating my heart, Edgar died way too young. I loved it all, how perfect for Halloween!


  3. Awesome, don't you just love it when those hot flashes occur during the AM before 6 AM? It makes for good surfing time! LOL

  4. Zoey, all the work you have done in your house and now you still have energy to decorate. I need to know what vitamins you are taking! That Halloween display is wonderful!

  5. I'm not a fan of Halloween but this is really clever !!!

  6. i don't do Halloween decorations but this is awesome! I love it and what a great use for the old typewriter. Love it! Jean

  7. Fun! Fun! Fun! I love following your blog.
    I was surfing along through some gardening websites, and came across the plant Bells of Ireland. I love the stuff in arrangements, and was just curious if you have any experience with it in the garden? Is it a nice plant? behave nicely, etc? I was thinking it would look lovely with some purple asters and yellow black-eyed susans.

  8. Hey, I would have given anything for you to have the dozen or more sqawking loudly crows that were sitting on top of the neighbor's roof next door to us this morning. A neighbor at the beginning of our court feeds them so they have become pest on the rest of the street. She has been told NOT to feed the birds but she ignores the warnings. They want bird feed, etc. drawing any rodents. I will give that neighbor credit, they do vacumn up all the bird seed with a shop vacumn every single day. I've seen both of them vacumning up the seeds. Her yard is like a bird sanctuary; that's her therapy.

  9. I found out why the darn noisy crows were carrying on so bad yesterday morning. After we came home from church, I changed clothes and went outside to plant the 2 bags of garden phlox a friend had given me. As I walked from front yard to back yard, I saw a dead crow along the side flowerbed. I immediately thought that maybe a hawk may have got the crow but my husband said the others wouldn't have been that near by if there had been a hawk. He thinks two crows got in a fight and won lost. We picked it up with a plastic bag, threw it inside a garden soil bag that I had emptied, and then inside another bag. It will go into the trash that is collected tomorrow morning.


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