Thursday, September 30, 2010

Garden Musings & a Peek at my Weekend Wardrobe

My Eucomis (Pineapple Lily) ended up growing quite a bit since I showed it to you.

 The second one is still nothing, but I have read that it may take two years to get a flower, so I am now happier with this purchase than I was in the beginning.

Look at its cute little green hat.

Maybe someday it will look like this gorgeous specimen:
Unfortunately my back yard is not looking very good. I began noticing the big brown spots a few weeks ago.  Last week I mentioned it to DH
 and he said the grass is being killed by grubs. He went out and dug into the brown areas and, sure enough, there were grubs.
He needs to do something about it before the entire back yard grass is dead.

I cut down my favorite red  dahlias that were full of powdery mildew. Then I decided to separate them.
When I stuck the shovel in, I cracked the container. Darn! I like these lightweight resin containers because they are so much easier to haul up and down the deck steps, but they are not worth the $30 price. They break too easily.

This little area at the end of the deck still looks decent.
It is one of the few areas that does.

There is really nothing left to do with the deck containers, but wait until we get a hard frost and then put them all away for the winter. Right now it is too early to put them away because they will continue to grow until the temps are below freezing. I store them in a crawl space that is still very warm. I also think the frost kills critters that may be alive in the topsoil.

I am thinking that it will be about two more weeks before I put them into winter hibernation.

I was shocked earlier in the week when I looked out the kitchen window and saw my biggest arbor looked like it was falling down.  Turns out it's all rotted at the bottom.
I could almost cry just looking at this! I had to put that plastic pot under just to hold it up--so pathetic It's my favorite arbor and the main focal point of the arbor gardens. I hope DH can figure out how to make it last a few more years.

Last January our Exec. Housekeeper at the hotel retired. Today she invited me and our Food & Beverage Director to lunch at her home.
She made us a nice Mexican chicken wrap lunch and then sent us home with this platter of fall candy.
It was great to see her again. I have really missed her. She always kept me informed of everything happening around the hotel- since she left, I know none of the good gossip---and believe me, a LOT happens behind the scenes when you work in a place that has over 200 beds! :) 

I am getting packed for another weekend jaunt. I was doing laundry and picking out clothes before I decided to take a break and post.
I think this will be good to wear to work tomorrow with black pants--It's a bit loud, but I like bold clothing. It will also be a comfy travelling outfit since it resists wrinkles and  I will be leaving right after work. Can you see that creature's face at the top? It's a bracelet!
I've had it for about 25 years. Once in a while it's fun to wear--I have to be in the right mood.

I am in an orange mood--BRIGHT orange!  I love this navy blue and  orange ensemble. I will wear it with jeans--I don't wear jeans very often, but I can't do the dressier black pants that I like with this because it just screams Halloween!
 This one is a bit more toned down--I was thrilled to find this orange and green necklace that is a great match. 
We are going to another musical dinner show, just the two of us--a Bruce Springsteen tribute. I still have to pick out something to wear to that. I have my latest culinary murder mystery in the front seat of the car. I should be able to finish it during the six hours of driving time.

One of these weekends, I need to stay home or I will never get that painting done! Have I ever mentioned that I really hate to paint?

I hope you all have a great weekend. If you have nothing to do, you are all invited to come to my house and paint.


  1. Zoey I'm loving the outfits, especially with your jewellry selections. So sorry to see your arbour is in need of repair. I'm sure your hubby can think of something to fix it - he seems to be a pretty resourceful guy. Have a great weekend.

  2. Our arbor almost tipped over last week in all the wind too, and we have it propped up. More work to do! Your garden sure looks fresh yet--frost on Saturday predicted for our neck of the Wisconsin woods. I don't know how many blankets I can find to cover everything or maybe I'll just let it all go...

    How fun you are going on a get away weekend. Love your outfits, have a great time!

  3. Oh Zoey, I better quickly find something to do..because I hate painting too:)
    Your outfits looks great..I love 'bold clothes' when I see them on others but tend to tone down for myself.
    Hope the mystery book is a good one..and enjoy the musical dinner show.

  4. That was a very 'full' post Zoey!
    The Pineapple lily is really a neat plant. I hope the other one catches up next year!
    Sorry about your arbor-I hate when that happens. It may help to get like a metal sashing(?) to wrap around the bottom.
    Very nice outfits too! You are so good at coordinating things.
    Cool about the Springsteen tribute. Earlier this week(I think) the real Bruce butted in on a couple who were getting their engagement photos taken 'down the shore'. They didn't seem to mind at all!
    Have fun!
    (I use to not mind painting, but I get stuff wrong with me like heel spurs).

  5. Zoey, Great fall wardrobe and beautiful accent pieces! Too bad about your arbor. I hope DH can fix it for you. They should make the inground parts of plastic. I've had problems with grubs before. A grub killer is the only product I put on the lawn but I don't have a choice. I had skunks making 'divots' in the grass to eat the grubs and waking me up at night with their smell. Maybe you need a pet skunk! Jean

  6. Good morning dear Zoey:-)

    When I woke up this morning everything was white on the ground so whatever flowers I had left are now done! I need to dig up my begonia bulbs and bring them in. Yesterday I emptied out my deck containers that were filled with petunias, I think there was one flower still blooming! lol

    Oh no, how sad about your arbor! Hopefully it can be repaired. Cut the bottom part off and have a very short arbor? lol

    What a delightful candy dish your friend gave you when you went there for lunch. I need to find some of that red candycorn, I haven't seen any around here yet except for the original orange one.

    Love, love, love your outfits and all the matching jewelery! You have to be one of the best dressed women I've ever met:-) You just have a knack of knowing how to coordinate everything!!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend away:-) xoxo

  7. I just emailed you a gardening question - I live in the U.P. too. I love that 'corner' full of greenery.
    We have another thing in common - I have paint waiting to be applied to my walls too.

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