Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh, Please, Please, Can't I Paint, Too?

I got home from work today and Picasso, my dear husband, was just beginning to paint the hallway. I decided to keep it bright white because the living room green would be too dark. 

He did not even ask me to help!  I guess my poor painting technique in the dining room was enough to make him realize that I am best at coming up with the idea---not so good at making it happen! LOL.  After a 9.5 hour busy work day, I don't feel like painting anyway.  I would much rather sip my blueberry pomegranate juice and surf the decorating blogs.

We plan to stay home all weekend. By Sunday night I should have every room spic and span. It will feel good to get everything back to normal. I may even bake some pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies to reward Picasso for all of his work. Frosted sugar cookies are his favorite.

What do you have planned for the weekend?


  1. Yes, you have to make hubby some homemade cookies for all that work!

  2. Zoey, can't wait to see everything when it's done. I am going to be digging this weekend iff we ddon't get too much rain, moving, planting, etc.


  3. What a good painter he is! I'll bet he'll be glad when it is over too. Enjoy your "new" look and get ready for what's coming. So nice to have everything fresh for decorating for the holidays.
    It's raining here, so my plans will be inside. We were with friends yesterday, so it will be quiet here. I have a stack of magazines and a couple of new books next to my chair. An oven dinner after Mass, and just relaxing will be my plan. Balisha

  4. Those cookies sound delish..hope there are photos later. You'll both be so relieved when it's all done, but it will look amazing.:-)

  5. Zoey, your Picasso is doing just fine, why would you get in the way, right?:)Although I know you will be working just as hard at different jobs esp if you want the whole house spic and span this weekend.
    Besides, surfing the net for decorating ideas and baking cookies sounds so much more fun.


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