Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Relaxing in my Tropical Paradise

This magazine was in my mailbox when I came home from work this afternoon.

Isn't it one of the most gorgeous covers you've ever seen?

Oh, to have a garden shed like that one! Instead of the one I have.

(I guess it's better than having no shed.)

I immediately changed into more comfy clothing (i.e. I got as nearly naked as I can get and not be arrested). After a full day of pantyhose and heels, I just need to get that stuff off! Once I get out to the deck, I pray that nobody sneaks up on the deck without me seeing them. Believe me, witnessing Zoey in skimpy clothing is not a pretty sight.

Then I juiced one of the large limes DH bought me this weekend and whipped up a salty Margarita and went out to sit among my tropical paradise and read the mag.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, now this is the life I was born to live!
If I hide back in my little corner, I can't see all the deadness out in the yard. It almost feels like I'm in a tropical paradise.

While reading I came across a hens & chicks wreath that I thought was very, very similar to the wreath I made.
O.K. it's a little fuller than mine, but don't you think it's pretty similar? I need a little more moss for mine. It's very hard for the plants to grab hold.

After I finished my cold beverage I decided to go out and cut a few sprigs of purple phlox to bring up to the deck so I could at least enjoy it there. There is nothing enjoyable about looking at it in the nearly dead gardens. I could hardly find enough flowers to make a centerpiece. I clipped a few dahlias, etc. from the deck containers and stuck everything in the birdhouse planter.

Here is a close up.

I am happy with it now.

I get bored with the same mugshot so I changed my profile picture again.

I think we all need to remember to take time each day to smell the basil. So you will be seeing me smelling the basil for a while. .. and not just any old basil...notice it's a very nice purple-leaved variety.


  1. Cute profile pic! I sniffed my basil tomato when I put it over freshly picked tomatoes. Yum!!

  2. Ah, what a relaxing post. If I hadn't seen blue in the photos, you sure looked like you could have been in the buff out there in paradise! It's horribly humid here, the only living things that like it are the plants.
    I made strawberry smoothies to help cool us down, esp Bri who was trying to trim back a fallen apple tree (see post on my blog).

  3. Hey Zoey,
    I like your shed.
    and your hens and chicks wreath is great! Maybe i can do that if i can find some h&C's.
    What is your name short for?

  4. Heyyyy are ya sure you aren't naked as Eve behind those plants??? hehe I can just imagine how wonderful it feels to get the nylons off when it's so hot! I also wish I had a shed like they show in magazines...I'd love a little potting shed as well!! Oh yes, your hens & chicks wreath does look a lot like the one in the magazine...see, shows how professional you are!!! Love the new profile picture...I smell basil! xox

  5. I would like to send you some of the rain we have here at the moment...but I don't think you would be happy about that! However, our gardens are green and everything is lush and grows very fast...the weeds too!!! Your wreath looks perfect. Recently I bought a basil shrub which smells even stronger than the normal one I grew from seeds. And I was told that we can over winter this shrub. Let's wait and see, though I don't believe it will survive our cold winters here.
    Greetings from Switzerland.

  6. That's certainly a very cute garden shed but I bet yours holds more stuff, and isn't that what you have a garden shed for, to hold all the stuff you don't want seen by anyone else?...lol.

    Your deck plantings always look wonderful despite the heat and dryness. Go on, let Barbara send you some rain from Switzerland !!!

  7. Seems everyone is discouraged with their gardens! No rain, no weeding time! Great way to relax! Have one for me!

  8. Susie, Good for you! You have the right attitude! I wish I had a fresh tomato to make a tomoato sandwich!

    Dianne, I was not that naked!! LOL. I will be checking out your blog in just a bit. Strawberry smoothie sounds good.

    Becky, Thank you. Zoey is not short for anything--it's just my cyberspace name.

    Pea, I am not quite as naked as Eve!

    I WANT THE RAIN - please send it!! How much rain have you gotten? I guess I should have asked first. :)

    Yeah, but I want a pretty shed!

    Hi Jean,
    I would love to have one for you, buy I ran out of tequila! hee hee. How about if I have some wine?

  9. Hi - I like your new mugshot! You're right - having no shed at all is definitely worse than what you have!! Your deck is simply gorgeous - I love the Persian Shield. Sitting with a cold drink and a good mag sounds like the perfect way to unwind after work!

  10. You'd need a lot of bug spray to act like this in Austin, Zoey! Or would the margaritas anesthetize you enough so you wouldn't notice the mosquito bites ;-]

    I like your Persian Shield with Scaevola idea- I put a small persian shield in with some Boston ferns. So far the PS has stayed rather small instead of growing big and bouncy like yours!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  11. Hi Zoey, we have far too much rain now. 24 hours without any stop and it still goes on. In many places there are floodings. I want SUMMER BACK!

  12. Oh, my, Barbara. I am so sorry to hear that!

    It's such a strange year weather-wise, isn't it?

    Upper Michigan has been on fire for the past week. I don't even know how many acres has burned down due to the lack of rain and your flooding out! I wish things would get back to normal, too.

  13. Love your site...first visit...very informative...and love the pic of you with your magazine surrounded by your beautiful plants and your salty margurita...;) And love the hen and chicks wreath...I have wanted to try that for some time...and It looks great it will fill out like the one in the magazine before ya know it!!

  14. Catherine,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate so much knowing that you enjoyed your visit.

    Please stop by again.


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