Friday, August 3, 2007

Lunaria (Money Plant)

Lunaria is grown mainly for its seed pods which resemble a silver dollar. While walking about the dessert (my ultra dry yard) tonight, I noticed many lunaria plants at the edge of woods ready to be picked and enjoyed in their dry dead state.

You need to very carefully rub off the papery outside of the pod to see the silver center. In the photo above you can see some with the papery covering still on and some that I have already rubbed off. I let them all fall to the ground right where I rubbed them so they can self sow for next year. They are technically biennial, but once you get them established they easily reseed and you can be pretty confident that you will have them every year. After I had a few stems cleaned off I decided to use them in some of my deck plants. These wall planters have not filled out as nicely as I would have liked.
so I stuck a few in each just for a different look. Have you ever seen any other plant that looked so good dead? :)
This wall planter is way smaller than I imagined it would be. The lunaria gives it the added height it needs. I had hoped the celosia would get nearly as tall as the money plant is.

Then I stuck a large bunch in the whiskey barrel just because I liked the sparkle.
If we get any rain storms they probably won't hold up well so I will just enjoy them for the short time that they look presentable.

I have a feeling that my modem is about to die again. Does anyone else have Verizon and a Westell modem? I can't get a modem to last. If this one goes, it will be my 4th one in two years. I am telling you this so you will know what happened if I disappear for four or five days.


  1. Goodness me, Zoey, I'd think I was in gardening heaven if I had planters that looked even a fraction as good as the ones you find disappointing. I think they are beautiful, and didn't the Lunaria make such a difference?

    Sorry to see your lawn so dry and crackly. It seems hard to believe that it gets so dry when so much of your garden, particularly in the Spring and early Summer looks so perfect.

    It's only 3 weeks until the beginning of Spring here, so I'd better start getting myself in the mood. I usually can't wait, but this year my gardening 'get up and go' had definitely 'got up and went'. I hope it comes back before too long.

    Perhaps I should go back through your blog and look at all the photos I've missed; that should get me in the mood.

  2. I've always called these "silver dollars", never knew the real name for them! lol When we first moved here 29 years ago, there were some growing in the front flowerbed but I got rid of them all when I restarted the flowerbed from scratch. I didn't realize you had to rub the outside of the pod...see, I learn something new from you every day:-) I love what you did with them, they certainly do add to all your beautiful containers!! xox

  3. Clever use for money plants! I still have the ones I 'harvested' last year here in the family room. I'll have to check them, thanks for the reminder and inspiration.
    Do you turn off your computer at night? We do, but it's on at least 14 hours a day. Not sure why they die out.

  4. Alice,
    You are so kind. I know what you mean about losing your zest for gardening. The same thing happened to me this year. I never really got "into" taking care of the gardens, so it wasn't such a heartbreak when they all flopped because of lack of rain. Just taking care of the deck kept me fulfilled.

    Pea, I think they have 3 or 4 different names. Glad to know you learned something new today!

    Dianne, I remember you posting about yours last year.

    No, I don't turn my computer off at night. I never thought of that as a reason the modem would go fast, but maybe it is!

  5. What an interesting plant. I've never heard of it before. I wonder if it is used in dried flower arrangements or by florists as an accent? Since I live in the real desert,(Arizona) it probably won't grow here. I'm going to check it out.

  6. Lunaria is really worth to be planted. I had them some years ago in my garden too, but suddenly they disappeared. It's a wonderful idea to put them in a fresh flower arrangement...maybe I should sew them again!! I've seen that I missed various posts of I have to read now!!
    Have a good new week!
    Greetings from Switzerland. Barbara

  7. Gee, I'd forgotten about "money plants". My mother-in-law used to have them in her garden and I remember it was such fun to peel off the papery part and see the money!

  8. I happened on your blog doing some research on money plants. I'm really glad I found it. Love the way you added a little sparkle to your potted plants. That's a great idea. No I have another plant to add to my list for next season.


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