Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Secluded Surprise

As we were driving to the picnic area, I wondered more than once where in the world we were going. I had never been to this little park, which was about a 23-mile drive and down a dusty road or two.

But once we got there I was pleasantly surprised--it was so charmingly rural--the epitomy of a country picnic. I loved this old red bridge.

There were nice views from the bridge.

I walked down the water's edge and was thrilled to find these cardinal flowers. I had never seen them in the wild before.
We had lots of good food--sloppy joes, chicken fajitas and all the usual salads. Here's our dinner table under the tree canopy. There were NO bugs, not even flies, which always seem to be a problem. Maybe the drought has killed them all off.

It was a very pleasant way to spend my last afternoon before going back to work tomorrow.


  1. What a nice spot for a picnic, Zoey. Especially with your lemon bars! I wonder if that bridge was made for foot traffic or if it every carried vehicles? If it did, the last one it saw was probably a horse and buggy!

  2. I love the red covered bridge! Great pics, Zoey!

  3. What a perfect place!! I love the red covered bridge. Sometime I am going to see the Bridges of Madison County - the real bridges (movie was good - might see that again too!) - those old bridges are just too cool. Glad you all had a nice time.

  4. A covered bridge! How charming! Looks like you had lovely weekend.

  5. Somehow, food always tastes better outside in the fresh air. Looks like everyone was having a great time and I'll bet there weren't any of those luscious lemon bars left!

  6. Pretty area! This reminds me of Pennsylvania, esp the bridge. Glad you had some good eats.

  7. I love gatherings like this. It looks so relaxing. Nothing like being with family and good friends.

  8. lostroses, I wouldn't doubt that it's been there since the horse/buggy days!

    Betty r, Thanks.

    Kris, I think Br. of Madison was the most romantic movie. Meryl Streep really played that part well.

    Chopsticks, Yes, I had a good week.

    Giddy, I am eating the last one as I type this.

    Dianne, I have just been realizing how many bridges I cross on a regular basis. I guess when you live on the shores of Lake Huron you need a lot of bridges to get around.

    Marie, Yes, we enjoy our little get togethers.

  9. Oooh, so very lovely Zoey!
    Thanks for sharing the pics... love the red covered bridge! I can't wait for it to cool off in Nov. so we can have a picnic! Ya, it'll be awhile before we can even get outside!

  10. Chicken fajitas??? And I wasn't invited???? Those have to be my very favourite food:-) Looks like the perfect spot to have the picnic and you were indeed very lucky not to have flies and such bothering you!! Love that red bridge! xox

  11. Beautiful little bridge - a real bright spot amongst all the greenery. Thanks for the photo.

  12. Beautiful spot for a picnic and how lucky was that not to have any pests to spoil the fun!


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