Wednesday, August 1, 2007

See this Cute Grasshopper?

Just a few minutes ago he scared the bejebees out of me! I snapped three pictures of him sitting quietly on the calla lily (yes, the calla is green. They turn green when they are dying). Then I saw another bug and got my face right down there to snap a shot of bug number two. I guess Mr. Grasshopper did not like losing his star status and in a split second, he jumped right at me! He smacked right into my eyeglasses. Thank goodness I was wearing them because he may have bit my eye or something.
Remember that barrel that I removed the Purple Fountain Grass from just before I thought my camera died? Click here it you forgot and care about seeing it. Well, here is what I planted in the empty hole. I dug up some black-eyed Susans from my arbor garden and I moved my Magilla "Purple Perilla' and an Elephant Ear from another container. I actually liked the grass better, but I really needed it in the Tropicanna container. I think this looks pretty decent.

I haven't answered many of the comments from the past couple of days. I'd like to thank all of you who left comments, I just didn't have time to personally answer too many of them. Lzblogger, I want to welcome and thank you for your comment. I feel terrible if I miss personally welcoming a new commenter! I did make a quick visit to your site and I did read your profile, so I know you are not a timid blogger and you probably don't even realize that I didn't recognize your comment. But I feel better saying "Hello and welcome" today.

I was pretty busy at work just getting caught up after missing Monday (my busiest day of the week). Lostroses you were so right when you said, "The rest of the week will seem like a breeze now that that experience is over."

I have been so happy just to get up and spend a normal day at my job. The two weeks leading up to the court date were a little stressful. I lead a pretty routine, no-stress life. I am not accustomed to being dragged into our court system. I can assure you that I have never sat among shackled lawbreakers before. I am so glad it's all over.

Today was a special day at work . The Big K cooked lunch for everyone. The Food & Beverage Director set up a nice buffet in one of our air-conditioned banquet rooms (it's over 90 degrees today and too darn hot to eat outside!). Big K cooked special burgers. He went out and bought the beef, added a special BBQ sauce, some spices, etc. and then grilled them. He also grilled brats and foot-long hot dogs. The F&B (food and beverage) department made baked beans, corn-on-the-cob, potato salad, chips/dip and other things to round out the meal. They even ordered a bakery cake for dessert.

It was very nice and I think all the employees enjoyed it as much as I did.


  1. Bite your eye? You're lucky that grasshopper didn't spit his "tobacco juice" at you!

    Lovely containers. Happy to hear work and life are returning to normal for you!

  2. Carol,
    Do they really spit stuff at you? I will have to be more careful in my picture taking!

  3. Hey Zoey - thanks for checking in with me - you're the best! We're safe and sound. I'll be back to read your posts later.

  4. "He may have bit my eye!" You made me laugh out loud, Zoey! I've often wondered how people get those close-up pictures of insects and now I know (and what the consequences can be).

  5. Kris, So glad to hear you are safe and sound!

    lostroses- I don't remember if you were reading my blog last summer, but around this time there is a pic of my swelled eye from something that bit me. It was UGLY!

    I squat right down there about 6 inches away from the critters and hope like heck they don't attack. :)

  6. I wouldn't want that guy in my eye!
    Your summer lunch sounds delish!!
    In answer to your question, no, I don't email a response to every comment, but that is the way I most offen respond to particular questions, etc.

  7. Any bug that jumps at me almost gives me heart failure! lol But yes, Carol is right, grasshoppers do spit and it's just like tobacco juice! Catch one in your hands and it will leave some on your skin! That lunch you all had at work sounds like it was a good time:-) xox


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