Saturday, August 11, 2007

August Deck Containers Video(s)

I made a video to show you my new deck arrangement and how the plants have grown since the June video.

I bought a new toy for DH. What a stroke of luck that it is just what I needed to move these big containers!

For some reason the video kept kicking out and I had to do a few to get it all in. I have no idea why. To be perfectly honest I have little idea HOW I get these things posted. I copy the code, paste it in and it's not there. I do it again and again, I go back and forth to YouTube and click things until finally it appears! Perseverance DOES pay off.

When the first one ends, click the second one to continue.


  1. Great job Zoey...neat idea to video your plants and to tell us about them! Your deck looks amazing with all those flowers!!

  2. Zoey loved your flowers!!! Much better then here in Mid-Missouri, we are in the middle of a terrible heat wave. It's to be over 100 for the next 4 days. Everything is brown and crunchy. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. Zoey, I like your voice. It reminds me of chatting with my favorite Michigan sisters-in-law! Oh, and your deck looks great. I can only offer one suggestion, perhaps a lighted pink flamingo for your tropical area?

  4. Zoey,
    Just an FYI. Depending on how busy YouTube gets, sometimes it can take up to an hour before you video loads up and shows. So it's not the link, it's just a backlog. I usually upload the videos hours before I plan to post so that I know it's ready to go.

  5. Betty, Thank you.

    Patti, It's brown and crunchy here, too. Wait to you see the video with the garage sale table. It will show the yard. We haven't had rain in a month. It's going to rain today.

    lostroses, do Michiganders have an accent? That bird would be just perfect peeking around that big pot of cannas!

    Chopsticks, Yes, I noticed that it can take forever and a day to upload those. At least it did finally get done!

  6. That was lots of fun, Zoey - the hibiscus trees enclosing the seat look great and your deck is really colorful.

    You do have a bit of a Michigan accent - not as strong as some of my cousins, but it's there. I didn't realize I had one until I came here and pronounced certain words in ways that amused my Texas friends. They have different accents depending on which part of Texas was their original home.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. Totally lovely! I especially like the hibiscus with the white bench and quilts. My Persian Shield looks great too. You say dahlia different than me-you say it like Arlene 'Dahl' I say it like 'dawl'. That's the Philly accent for you.

  8. It was great fun touring your lovely deck with you Zoey. What a great idea! I think you should get an award for this one..... :)
    Your containers are creative and colorful. I liked hearing your voice too. It makes me feel like a know you a little better.
    In the first video your voice is dubbed over, producing an echo, which garbles it, so I couldn't understand the dialogue unfortunately. But the second one is fine.

  9. should have your own gardening show!! I so enjoyed these two videos...all your flowers and plants are glorious and what a pleasure it must be to sit on your deck and see all that beauty around you!! xox


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