Thursday, August 23, 2007

Flower Word Scramble

(click and it will get way bigger so you can read the letters)

I am a little light on blog fodder this week, so I made up a flower word scramble. I get a kick out of making these things. Hopefully someone out there enjoys doing them.

Where you see a gap between the letters, it signifies that the answer is two words. Each word is not necessarily the number of letters you see separated.
yrtsalizea lrg
The answer is Stargazer lily. You use all of the letters in both words to find the two word answer.

If you get really stuck on one, shoot me a comment and I will give you a hint.

One of the words is pretty tough so I will give you the hint now. The answer can be found in one of the seed packets in this post.
In fact, just last night I made up some of these seed packets and if you get the answer first and want one, just post a comment and I will contact you for your address and send a packet off to you. (I have four packets of seeds, so the first four who get it and leave a comment.)

I will post the answers in the comment section later. Yes, there are two of the same words. Sorry, I was rushing to get it done before I had to leave for work and forgot to change the text in two boxes!


  1. Zoey - I think I have the answers - and I'm going to email them to you, so I don't ruin it for anyone else. But I'd love to have one of your seed packets!!!

  2. Cool, I will do this tomorrow as I just got in from Penn State and have a cat on my lap.

  3. I got them all except the two word flowers. Still deciphering....

  4. Ok, got the one on the top right (two worded one), but am stuck on the R one.

  5. I saw the link to the seed packets and saw the one I can't get, but can't make out what it says. Drats!


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