Saturday, August 11, 2007

Please STOP the Blog "Awards"

I feel so good when someone feels something I have posted has inspired them enough to tell others about my blog. As humans, most of us can never get enough appreciative comments and I am so grateful to all who have good feelings to share about my blog.

You may remember a few posts ago that I acknowledged a couple of the current popular blogger awards I was given. It really felt good that a new reader had thought enough about me to give public accolades. I felt honored...............and very conflicted because I have strong feelings about the whole award concept.

You may have also noticed that I did not offer the awards to 5 other blogs like I was supposed to. I have wrestled with this decision for over a week. How could I deal with my feelings gracefully without offending the giver? I decided to wimp out and say nothing negative at all. It seems blogland loves these things and I acquiesced to the mobs. I now regret not speaking out and so here I go climbing up on my soapbox to rant.

There are so many blogs I enjoy. Any of them on my sidebar are more than worthy recipients. Of course, probably all of them on my sidebar have already been nominated. And that, my dear readers, is where my problem with these blogsphere awards begins.

How many revolutions of blog awards do you think it takes to get over one million awarded when every awardee nominates five more?

5 X 5 + 25

5 X 25 = 125

125 x 5 = 625

625 x 5 = 3,125

3,125 x 5 = 15,625

15,625 x 5 = 78,125

78,125 x 5 = 390,625

390,625 x 5 = 1,953,125

Surprising, isn’t it? Just 8 revolutions and there are nearly 2 million. It's really nothing more than the old pyramid scheme invading blog rankings.

Is it just me or do others wonder how worthy an award is when everyone has it?

Do you find these things are getting out of control?

First it was only memes. Then it was awards with a link back to the original poster (a very frowned upon way to increase hits to a blog). Now I am noticing many awards with no link back to the originator (it was the 1st thing I checked on the two I posted), so at least they were started with good intentions.

Even so, are you tired of seeing new ones crop up daily? Are people just finding it tough to come up with postings, so they use these as fillers to have something to talk about? I can see where a meme is tempting when you can’t think of anything to write about. And, even I, enjoy a short getting-to-know-you-better meme post. But some of those list 100 things about............utterly ridiculous. Who wants to read 100 things about anybody?

I just wonder when it will all end? Will the next one be an award for the blogger who started the most blog awards?

I, for one, really don't want to see blogs turning into one big award fest. I have come across so many of them lately that my eyes just skim right past the post.

I think we need a STOP the blog awards campaign.

I bet this post won't put me in the ring for a Miss Congeniality in the blogsphere award.
But I wouldn't be surprised if someone hasn't already started an award for just that.


  1. One of the best things about blogs is that you can usually say what you think about a subject and most people will read it and either agree or disagree, and leave it at that. Therefore you should feel no trepidation in speaking your mind about 'awards', Zoey.

    I've had several months of almost no blogging and reading even less, so I've been a bit surprised at this new trend, the allocation of awards. I can see that it could get a bit like the 'pass this on to 5 people and return to sender' emails.

    I really think if someone enjoys a blog, then a comment to that effect can be just as pleasing.

    But gee whiz, Zoey, do you have to make it so hard for the rest of us by always creating such great patchwork projects, working full time AND having a fabulous garden? I don't think I can stand to visit anymore

  2. You mean I can't show you my new award I just won???? lol I understand completely what you're saying here...every time I've been given an award, I feel very uncomfortable because I didn't start blogging to be in a competition. I just love blogging, period! I absolutely hate having to choose just a few people to pass them on to. I've also noticed that there are awards coming in left and right...I get told I've won one and I had no idea it was even around! Also, as you said, by the end of the day, pretty much everyone has been given the award!! I don't know if they'll ever stop completely, though, bloggers just seem to love having them. xox

  3. I understand where your coming from with so many awards floating around..when there's so many, the value of an award disappears.

  4. Although I've received many of these awards and passed it back to a few, I agree with you in concept. The value of an "award" becomes very diluted when it is necessary to pass it to a given number of people. I do enjoy the memes from time to time, but have stopped tagging anyone specifically.
    The last several awards I was given, I just thanked the giver and didn't nominate anyone.
    There's no end in sight though!

  5. Well said Zoey, I'm not a blogger, I just read them and comment here and there, but I agree with you..too many blogger awards!

  6. I agree with you too! I did pass on my "nice" award but pass it on to people who always comment on my blog. I felt good to get it but it doesn't mean much when you realize everyone ends up with at least one. Some were passing is on to 8 people. I guess the only way to stop it is to quit passing it on. Thanks for saying what a lot of us feel, Zoey!

  7. I remember when I use to make web pages (7-8 years ago) and that was when the 'awards' seen to start. I remember having to have a page just for them.
    I'm not given that many, but the last one was given to my by one of my bestest blogger/stitcher pals and she said nice things about me. As Jean did, I passed it on to you and a few others who are nice and that I have known a while who comment a bunch and who I admire.
    I'd like to see some awards from legit blogging sites, not just from someone who knows how to make buttons. I guess the intentions deep down are good.

  8. Zoey, I hereby give you the "Miss Congeniality Blogger Award". Ha ha, I feel the same way. I kind of liked nominating people for that one that circulated in late spring but all of a sudden there were a whole bunch being "awarded" to various blogs and I had no idea where they were coming from. So, yeah, enough already.

  9. Oh, you guys are all wonderful!

    I was so afraid to click on the comments to see what you all said. I thought maybe I would be shunned forever for saying what I said!

    Pea, you are so darn sweet that
    EVERYONE wants to shower you with awards. What in the world could you possibly have received today?

    Susie, I did notice that you acknowleged your latest award, but did not elaborate further. I notice many doing that. I felt that maybe they, too, were thinking enough is enough.

    Dianne, I am so glad that you feel that way about me! It means so much. I certainly don't want you to take my post the wrong way. You are one of my oldest and best blogging friends!

    Betty, WELCOME! I hope you stop by again.

    Alice, I am glad to see that you are back in the blogging world because I have missed you!

    Thank you. I just knew other had to feel the same way.

    Jean, Thank you, too! Your comment makes me feel so much better.

    You kill me! LOL.

  10. You may have noticed that I received awards from the same blogger and acknowledged them briefly but didn't pass anything on. That's because I feel (and have always felt) the same way you do, but I am not comfortable expressing it outright as you have.

    [Please accept my "Outspoken Blogger" award forthwith and oh yes, you must nominate 10 others, and why not design your own button while you are at it.]

    But, unlike you, I have to admire someone who can actually come up with a "100 Things" post, and if I am interested in the person I will want to read it (because, if I am interested in the person it means they are a good writer and will have come up with a good post).

  11. Karen,
    I think a big wide-opened mouth would make the perfect banner!

    sometimes I think I should just keep silent!

    Do you REALLY read all 100? I know I could never even think of 100 things about anything that I liked.

  12. Oh Zoey, you could so think of 100 things! :)
    I had so much fun reading this post!!! You've stated my feeling exactly, but I couldn't have said it as well as you (so I didn't). I'm flattered by the compliment bestowed by good blogging friends, and wouldn't want them to think I was unappreciative, but yes, enough already with the awards!
    An occasional meme is a fun way to learn more about each other, but too many just becomes a chore! (and you're right about the 100 things..LOL).
    I didn't pass on my last award...just said thank you and left it at that. I felt rather bad mannered doing so, but now I feel better. Thanks for saying what so many of us would've liked to :)

  13. You know I agree with you 100%. I referred to it as the Blog Award Pyramid Scheme for Schmucks!!


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