Sunday, August 19, 2007

These caterpillars are Devouring my parsley

I found six of them today. I am going to leave them all alone.


Because they should soon begin their change of life and I think it would be exciting to see them turn into Eastern Black Swallowtail Butterflies.

They are pretty big so I think the chrysalis stage will be pretty soon. I am hoping they hang around the deck (literally)so I can watch it all.

I am just about to leave for a family picnic. It's a yearly event in DH's family. I made lemon bars. I made them a couple of years ago for the same event. They are very good lemon bars. The crust melts in your mouth and the lemon filling has just the right sweet/sour combo.

I increased the filling by 50%. I posted the recipe the last time I made them. It's here.
This time I used bottled lemon juice and they turned out just fine.


  1. Zoey,
    your lemon bars are making my mouth water!!! Yummmmm

  2. I got the caterpillars, too! I plant parsley just for them.
    It's the hornworms I won't tolerate!!

  3. I must go look at my parsley! It would be fun to see them do their change thing (is it called chrysallis or something like that??)

    I have this same lemon bar recipe - I love it. However, I never thought to double the filling - great idea!!!! Thanks!
    (the brownie recipe posted with this one looks like one I have to try too - so double thanks!)

  4. I have the little Monarch caterpillars munching on the milkweed. I didn't plant curly parsley, just the flat leaf Italian variety.
    I absolutely love lemon bars! Yum!

  5. now my mouth is watering.... (not for the bug, for the lemon bars)

    You can always collect the cats and put them in a big jar with holes in the lid, and feed them parsley everyday and that way you can watch them change and the birds wont eat them first. I did that a lot as a kid.

  6. Those lemon bars look delish! I believe I have the same recipe, but aren't you clever to double the yummy filling!
    I haven't seen any caterpillars around my parsley. I do love the butterflies though..

  7. Suzy, At least twice a year I get my mouth water for lemon bars. I like them even better than lemon pie.

    SISSY! How have you been? I've missed you!

    Kris, that brownie recipe was VERY good. I think you will like them if you decide to bake some.

    Dianne, I am going to be on the lookout for the monarch caterpillars.

    That's a great idea! Do you just put some water and parsley in the jar with a branch for them to attach to? I may give that a try.

    Susie, The first time I made them I thought they needed more filling. This time I just did 1.5 times the original and that seemed about perfect.

  8. I can taste that's kinda late or else I'd make those lemon bars tonight!! I love anything lemon!!
    Sounds like a great picnic.

  9. Thank you for this lemon bar well as the one of the brownies. I'm going to try them...I'm always looking for new recipes as my whole family like sweets!!!
    Greetings from rainy and cold Switzerland. Barbara

  10. HUH! Now I know where mine came from!!! LOL That is too funny that we should both post about the same type of caterpillar the same day! Those lemon bars look soooo good, I'll have to go check out the recipe. xox

  11. I checked - yes, I have the same caterpillars. Good thing I read your blog before I saw them, cuz I probably would have freaked!


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