Sunday, August 12, 2007

Garage Sale Treasure

Look at his table I bought for only $3.00!

As soon as I saw it I thought it would be a good table to hold a plant on the deck.
I also plan to pull out the drawer and put a plant inside.

For this year I just took my old coal bucket and stuck a shrub I haven't planted yet as well as a bunch of little heuchra containers that I also need to plant.

I figure it will last a year or two, then I will toss it out. I may paint it next year.

Today I harvested my first tomatoes.

Yes, that's it.
Sad, sad, sad.
They don't even taste very good--not sweet at all.

We did get a bit of rain last night. I don't even know how much. I thought it was enough that I wouldn't have to water the plants today, but about an hour ago I looked out and they were all wilting. Hopefully we get more soon.


  1. Love your find! (and how you decorated with it!)
    So sad about your tomatoes. We have them coming out our ears..

  2. Hi Zoey - I love your garage sale table - too cute!

    I'm so sorry, but the tomato photo cracked me up. I'm sorry you're so dry and that your garden is suffering, but it just struck me as funny. I love you, you know I do! :)

    To catch up with previous posts:
    Your videos of your deck containers were fabulous. It's so fun to get a guided tour from you! And they look wonderful.

    I have really mixed feelings about the blogger awards, memes, etc. On the one hand, I totally agree with you - but I also really appreciate someone choosing me to play along. I would hate to hurt someone's feelings by saying thanks, but no thanks. Anyway, I love that you aren't afraid to speak out - your views and comments are always refreshing. I think I would totally enjoy sitting on your deck having a drink with you once a week or so!

    Have a great week, Zoey!

  3. Cute table! I wish I could get H to stop by the occasional yard sale, but he just whizzes by. My tomatoes are just now beginning to ripen, but only the grape tomatoes. I'll be lucky to harvest the bigger ones before the first frost. Guess I'll have to bring them in green again. Sigh

  4. i have a garage sale rocking chair on my back porch that matches your garage sale table!

    i paid $25, though... :(


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