Monday, April 17, 2006

Fine Gardening Magazine

has a container garden contest every year. In 2005 the theme was "Footloose and Flower-Free". The containers could not have any flowers.

They had some beauties!

I especially like this one.

Here are a couple more that I really like

I may try to recreate these (or something similar) on my deck this year. It depends on whether I can find the same plants in my local nurseries.

I could dig out a hosta and heuchra from my garden for the last one. I am not sure what the other plants are though. Anyone else know?


  1. Absolutely stunning! I love the first one with all the vines hanging down and the second one for the reddish coleus.
    Think these will fit on your 'desk'? ;)

  2. LOL, dianne. I didn't even notice that! Off to fix it now.

  3. The second one has cordyline (tall, strappy plant at the back), red coleus, cyclamen, either of the green plants may be lamium but I can't enlarge the photo to get a good look. The third photo has as well as the heuchera, hosta in the front and the purple leafed one could be a plectranthus. Again, I can't see the others clearly enough to hazard a guess. They do look lovely and I'm sure they would look great on your deck if it's not too hot.

  4. Alice,
    thank you. I'm afraid I don't know those plants (no wonder I didn't recognize them).

  5. Wow love the pots of plants. What a fantastic idea and they would look stunning on your deck. I'm glad Alice knows what plants they are I just thought they were all indoor type much for the gardener in

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  6. Hello, this is the first time I am commenting on your blog. I've been looking for other gardening blogs and happened to find yours.

    If I were going to try and reproduce this look (and who knows, I just might) I would use imopoea (black sweet potato vine) as a substitute for the purple leafy plants in the top and bottom containers. The dangling plant with small chartreuse leaves in the top container is probably golden creeping jenny. I thought lamium too for the small variegated leaf plants in the middle and bottom containers. Except for the red coleus in the middle container, and the hosta and heuchera that you recognized, I don't have any ideas for anything else.

  7. In the second photo, the tall purple-leaved plant is Persian Shield, Strobilanthes dyerianus. In Austin it grows several feet tall in one season and roots fairly easily from cuttings. If planted in the ground it may die down and come back from the roots in spring.

    I know they sell this plant in Michigan because my cousin in Saginaw grew it last year.



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