Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Would You Eat This Cake?

It's a Kitty Litter Cake.

I must say it is very convincing.

So much so that it turns my stomach just thinking about eating a piece.
I am sure it's quite tasty, but--Uggggggg--I just could never bring myself to eat this.

People even serve it a real kittly litter pan (notice the authentic scoop).

If anyone is interested the recipe is here.


  1. It's like a Fear Factor cake-almost! LOL

  2. Naw, I stick to the oreo 'dirt' cakes, thanks.

    That's just gross looking. Prolly be great for some jr high boy's birthday, tho.

  3. zoey, i could not eat that cake. hope you don't decide to make it and send some over here. mom

  4. Never, never, never. Just looking at it, I swear I can smell the odor of the real thing!

  5. Hi, Zoey...I'm a first-time visitor...I came to you from Kerri's blog...and I went to hers from Susie's Space, lol! Mercy, how we can meander all over the place once we go a'visiting! ;-) I enjoyed my visit so much!! I too am a gardening fanatic tho all I have is a 40x100 city lot. Nice thing about THAT is I can do whatever I want each year and continuously 'recreate'! Greetings from Portland, Oregon, by the way. Please stop by and visit if you get a chance. I'll be sure to come by again. Have a great weekend!

  6. Nasty looking. I can hardly do the dirt cake here.........a request from most of the younger boy type people in our family. I dare not show them the kitty litter cake!!

  7. I guess we all agree it's not something we would eat! Can you imagine going to someone's house for dinner and getting that served for dessert? LOL, how would we politely decline?
    Welcome misskris and contrary1. It's always nice to see new visitors.

  8. UG....I have two kitties and that's just TOOOOOO realistic to even think about mowin' into it...BLUK. LOL


  9. that is...a truly repulsive idea!!


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