Friday, April 28, 2006

I Shopped Till I Dropped

I don't really like to shop, but every now & then I get the urge.
Tonight was the night.
Look at all this fabric!
I didn't have any orange or yellow fabric so I stocked up.

I just know somewhere down the line I will NEED these colors.

I also bought 3.25 yrds of 120-inch muslin for the backing for my quilt.

Earlier in the week I bought some 108", but decided to buy the wider to make sure I would not have any piecing on the back. It was 50% off so I couldn't go wrong. I will use the 108" for another quilt.
Thread was also 50% off so I bought a bunch.

Then I went to another store and bought some make up and these beaded flipflops. For some reason they appealed to me.

I hit the clothing store next and I made quite a haul there, too--2 pantsuits, 2 skirts, and a pair of dress pants.

Almost everything has to be hemmed, so that's on my weekend to-do list. (It's not fun buying clothes when you are barely over 5 feet tall.)

I must have been overcome with a shopping virus because my next stop was the grocery store. In my family I am not the grocery shopper. Somehow I managed to buy a whole cartful of food items. DH will be soooooooo surprised when he gets home tonight.

As I walked by the produce section, I thought cabbage rolls (or "pigs-in-the-blanket" as they are are known in this area) sounded good. I bought a head and plan to make that tomorrow for dinner. I even found the rice aisle and grabbed a bag of that as I remembered I was getting low.

I am hoping to get outside this weekend. I have not done any outside work since I dug out the sedum last week. It's been too cold and windy. I am quite the wimp when it comes to working outside in cold weather.


  1. Can we say tax return check? Nice stash! Are you planning a Halloween quilt? ; )
    I do like to shop, esp at 50% off sales.
    Of course I love to shop for plants and that may be this weekend.

  2. Hmm we call sausage rolls pigs-in-the blanket! You really did have a good day of shopping.


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