Monday, April 10, 2006

A Feast for the Eyes

I found this site today that is just loaded with pictures from the Philly Flower Show.

Flowers and outdoor tablescapes --in bright bold colors--
My kind of stuff!

Wouldn't you love to be invited to an outdoor dinner party like this?

Those oranges spilling out are perfect for this table

I loved the green apples in this vase.
This seems familiar - Dianne, did you post this same pic a while back?

And isn't this a breathtaking spring garden?


  1. Cool! I saw all these in person on the 11th of March. Glad you could enjoy them too.
    Off to check out the flower show blog.

  2. Very cool.
    I love the beaded curtain on that gazebo!

  3. Oh yes I did post the same photo, but mine was better of course! I have my mom's photo CD that she bought from the flower show. I need to print some off that I didn't take photos of.
    Hey, do you really refer to Philadelphia as Philly? We thought that was a local thing. ; )


  5. Dianne,
    It's much easier to type "Philly" than the entire 5-syllable state name!

  6. Love love love the exotic, eastern tables!


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